I am asked this question very often: what do we carry with us when we go to Ladakh? This is what normally forms a part of my packing list, not only for Ladakh but wherever I go to in the mountains (come exceptions would be there in urban areas like Mcleodganj, Simla etc where you get most supplies). So here goes:

  • Extra fuel – in a tightly closed jerry can. A must in Ladakh. Read my post http://kunzum.com/2008/06/11/planning-for-fuel-in-the-mountains
  • Extra woollens – you never know when the weather will turn for the worse.
  • Bedsheets, blankets / duvets / sleeping bags / towels: Some accommodation can be quite unhygienic for the skin. You may want to use your own sheets etc. Even doctors advise so. Or you may need these if you are stuck somewhere for the night (God forbid)
  • Drinking water
  • Food supplies – you do not get anything for long stretches sometimes. Or may need some if you are stuck.
  • Medicines and first aid kit especially Disprin, Combiflam, anti-allergy like Allegra, antibiotics, throat lonzenges and Band-Aid
  • Mobile fully charged – in case of an emergency. Provided you get signals.
  • Camera battery charged and extra memory- read my post on this: http://kunzum.com/2008/06/12/keep-your-camera-memory-and-battery-juices-flowing
  • Cash – don’t bet on ATMs and credit cards
  • Puncture kit and air pump (foot or electrical that can be connected to car lighter socket) – easily available and don’t cost more than a few hundred rupees. If you have tubeless tyres and have a flat, you can fill air and keep driving a couple of hours without worries.
  • Shades and hat – the glare and the sun can be quite harsh at times
  • Extra pair of shoes in case you tear yours while hiking or they get wet
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Optional extras: Swiss knife, a tow rope in case your car is stuck, wet wipes (let your imagination run here)
  • Sweets – you will meet lots of children on the way, chat them up over chocolates and sweets

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