Peep Peep Don’t Sleep (Book Trailer 7): The Wise Men Speaketh


This is a trailer of the chapter ‘The Wise Men Speaketh’ from my book on funny road signs, Peep Peep Don’t Sleep. Enjoy.

There is now a separate blog, where you can see funny roads signs, shop signs and advertisements not only from the book, but also new ones.

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  1. This is a very strange project of yours and I am most amazed. Such uncommon project brings colour and meaning in the life of the photographer. I came to know of your work from Better Photography. Keep them coming. I also know a blog called ‘people reading’ (link given in my blog roll), where the blog owner goes around America in search of people reading on the streets of America.

  2. Hi Subhanjan,

    Thanks for writing in. Yes, it was a project a little others from what is normally done by travel writers. And I really enjoyed putting it together.

    And will certainly look up the link you have sent me.

    Cheers… Ajay


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