Peep Peep Don’t Sleep: A book of road signs

Cover image of Peep Peep Don't Sleep, a book by Ajay Jain
Cover image of Peep Peep Don't Sleep, a book by Ajay Jain

My second book, Peep Peep Don’t Sleep, just came out and I am pleased to share this news with you.

It is a collection of funny road signs and ads I have been collecting on Indian highways over the past one year, with a bit of my own commentary thrown in. It is a high quality picture book, printed in all colour on 170 gsm art paper. It came off the press only two days back.

You can check it out for images and sample chapters at Links to order the book can also be found here. Happy to receive any orders for the same. :-)



  1. I wonder what is the use of these poetic kind of road signs. I wonder how many indian drivers (specially commercial vehicle) can read these sign written in english. what is the use of these. In the west these kind signs are no more than nuisance distractors and are illegal. I guess these stupid road signs are only good for people like Mr. Jain to write books on and make some bucks!!!!! Instead of putting these nonsense on the road they should put standard signboards which are completely missing on indian roads!!
    What is your say Mr. Jain


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