Young Lamas at Karsha Monastery, Zanskar, Ladakh

Boys will be boys, even when they are being groomed to be Buddhist Lamas. When I started taking pictures of some young Lamas at the Karsha Monastery located near the town of Padum in the Zanskar Valley (in the Ladakh region of the Indian Himalayan state of Jammu & Kashmir), not only did they start posing specially for the camera, they also started jostling to be in the camera frame exclusively. It led to a bit of friendly bashing, adding to the fun of the afternoon while I was there. Boys will remain boys.

Enjoy the images by clicking here. If you wish to order any prints, or get the rights for any of these images, write to me at These are all available in high resolution if need be.



  1. they got chance to study buddhism… I appreciate lama’life in monastery. I visited some monasteries and found that lamas are are friendly specially youngs…


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