Trek from Mcleodganj to Triund: A Log

Galu temple at Dharamkot where we started trekThe following is a kind of a log when you trek to Triund. This the experience of someone like me, who drives all over for his travel writings but rarely treks, so the more seasoned trekkers may keep some smart remarks to themselves:

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Going Up

Mcleodganj to Galu Devi Temple: Took a taxi for Rs. 250 ($ 6) from Mcleodganj Galu Devi Temple just ahead of Dharamkot, reducing the total trek from 9 km to 7 km, reducing estimated time from 9 to 7 hours
11:20 am: Started trek
Joginder Singh’s shack on the way up 12:15 pm: Break at a shack claiming to be the oldest one on this route, operating since 1984. Owned by Joginder Singh, who said the house behind the shack is 100 years old and built by his grandfather. Ordered soft drinks and tea with some snacks.
12:35 pm: Started again
1:15 pm: Took a break at another shack owned by Dilawar for some more juice and munchies.
1:35 pm: Started again
Joginder Singh’s shack claiming to be the oldest of them all2:10 pm: Reached Triund

Going Down

11:55 am: Started
12:20 pm: Crossed Dilawar’s shack but did not stop. Just waved to him.
12:50 pm: Stopped at a shack next to Joginder’s. Ordered soft drinks but these turned out to be beyond expiry date. Moved to Joginder’s shack instead.
1:10 pm: Started again
Dilawar’s shack on way to Triund 2:00 pm: Reached Galu Devi Temple and took a break at the shack there.
2:20 pm: Started walk to Dharamkot, reached in 20 minutes. Took a 3-wheeled auto rickshaw and reached Mcleodganj by 3:00 pm



  1. Hi AjayrnrnIam traveling to mcleodganj next week for 10 days. My friends tell me that in 3 to 4 days you can see the whole place at a slow pace. I want to know what else can i do there besides sightseeing? are there any trek groups there, a one day trek kinda thing?


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