Driving from Delhi to Leh, Ladakh

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There are many ways to reach Leh from Delhi, but the most enjoyable way is to do so by road. If you can drive the distance of about 1075 kilometers, taking at least 3-4 days, it is sure to be an experience you will cherish for life. And try to drive yourself; there is a different thrill to it than being driven by someone else.

I did so myself in July 2008, and the journey came with some learnings as it has its own challenges. Here is a practical plan you could follow to get from Delhi to Leh:

Day 1:
Leave for Kullu or Manali. It will take about 12 hours to cover the 550 km to Kullu via Ambala, Chandigarh, Roopnagar (Ropar), Bilaspur and Mandi. You could carry on for another 50 km to Manali. A night halt in either of these towns is fine.

Day 2:
Head for Jispa, located about 145 km from Manali via Rohtang Pass. The 51 km drive from Manali to Rohtang can take about three hours; it is a steep ascent, the road quality is below par and traffic can halt at places due to landslides or broken down vehicles. Continue a further 65 km to Keylong, but don’t forget to tank up at Tandi (about 9 km before Keylong) as the next fuel station is only 30 km before Leh. (It is always a good idea to carry some extra fuel in a jerry can in case Tandi is closed or out of fuel, or you decide to take some detours). About 16 km from Rohtang, also watch out for a junction where you keep left; the right turn will take you to Lahaul and Spiti Valley. From Rohtang, the drive to Jispa can take about three hours. But do provision for a lunch break too; your options are either the shacks along the way or some restaurants in hotels in Keylong.

Jispa, located at about 10,890 feet, is a strongly recommended stop to get acclimatized to the subsequent higher altitude regions you would be staying at in Ladakh. You may even be advised to spend two nights here to get better acclimatized, but the jury will be out on this one for a long time as altitude sickness follows few rules and trends; the weakest looking of the pack might sail through, while the highly experienced travellers may just take ill anytime.

Day 3
Now this is the tricky part: Do you make a run for Leh, take a night halt at Sarchu about 87 km from Jispa or camp somewhere between Sarchu and Leh? Here are some points to consider:

  • At about 14,200 feet altitude, Sarchu is more acclimatization than you may need. It is very cold here, with strong windy conditions giving even camp managers who reside there constant headaches. Accommodation is all tented, and toilets are not attached, and it is not a cheerful thought walking out in the middle of the night with howling winds around. But Sarchu is also the only place between Jispa and Leh where you can organized accommodation; your only other option is to pitch tent on the way or crash at any of the shacks on the way who provide a bed for Rs. 50.
  • You can make a run for Leh from Jispa, about 325 km away. It should take you about 11 hours but here is a warning: You may not want to be driving in the dark should you get delayed due to traffic snarls, road blocks, breakdowns or any other reason. And the drive from Jispa to Leh is worth stopping many times over to admire the natural features as well as to take pictures. Why would you want to keep moving when the whole idea of a road trip to Leh was to enjoy the drive?

I personally fell ill at Sarchu, and had a tough night with its symptoms. The next day too was a difficult time driving, and it was only when I received medical attention and a dose of oxygen from an Army doctor at Pang on the way to Leh did I feel normal.

What would I do in the future and suggest you do too? Stay at Jispa, and make a very early start (say at 5:00 am) and make a run for Leh. Make sure you get a full night’s sleep to be well rested for the long drive ahead. It may be safe to assume that the chances of falling ill, even when going through high altitude areas, are low as long as you keep moving. Starting early will give you a cushion for delays and you can still make it to Leh while there is daylight. Even if night falls, but if you are within 60-70 km of Leh, it is all right as the terrain is mostly flat and more densely populated (in case you need assistance).

Day 4
You need this day in case you take a night halt between Jispa and Leh. Or if you had stayed at Jispa for two nights.

Going to Tso Moriri before Leh
If you intend going to Tso Moriri en route to Leh, it is a long drive from Jispa and a night halt in Sarchu may be required. But remember, Tso Moriri is at an even higher altitude than Sarchu and you may feel ill as some travellers do. Do take your precautions.

Some more points to consider

  • All driving times mentioned above are without a provision for stopping to take photographs.
  • When you are short of time, like when you have a full day drive planned, it may be a good idea to carry some food packed at the last hotel you stayed in. You will then not waste time looking for food, and be able to use that saved time for photographs or to make up for lost ground in case of unforeseen delays.

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  1. Aah…I did this trip around this time last year…you refreshed my memories…in fact I updated my blog only last week with those year old entries! Yes, going by road is the BEST!! We did:
    1. Delhi-Manali
    2. Manali-Keylong (with a stopover at Rohtang)
    3. Keylong-Pang (with lunch at Sarchu…stayed in tents at Pang)
    4. Pang-Leh (3 days there visiting Nimmu, South Pullu, Khardung La, Pangong, biking on Bullets in Leh, shopping, watching the shoot of Tashan by Yashraj Films, climbing some mountain et al!)
    5. Leh-Drass (with a stop at Kargil)
    6. Drass-Sonamarg (through the Zojilla Pass, river rafting at Sonamarg)
    7. Amarnath Yatra as Sonamarg is the base camp
    8. Sonamarg-Srinagar (with a stopover at Mata Kheerbhawani Mandir)
    9. Srinagar-Pahalgam (after spending first half of the day sightseeing Srinagar)
    10. Srinagar-Katra (sudden impulsive decision to do the Vaishno Devi trek)
    11. Katra-Delhi

    Ladakh is truly out of this world…and you just have to be there to experience it all…no amount of articles – how much ever well written and no amount of pictures – even with perfect frames…can give you a true sense of what the place is like. You’ll still be overwhelmed by the beauty of nature there!
    Sigh…I want to go back there now!

  2. Hi Ajay,

    My husband and I are debating between driving or flying to Ladakh. We normally prefer driving and are also being budget conscious. What are your recommendations:

    1. Would you drive a Honda City to Ladakh from Delhi? We know SUVs are preferred. Is it dangerous or even impossible to go in a City?

    2. How much do you think it would cost for petrol going there and back? Did you keep any records? If we drive, should we buy a extra tank? How big should this tank be and how much petrol should we store?

    3. Any other advice about driving there?

    Thanks so much.


  3. […] The first question that hit me was if I could drive up in my Honda City.  Don’t I need some kind of SUV as the blogs suggested?  I would think an SUV was preferred.  But then I was wondering if an SUV is absolutely required or can a Honda City do also?  I don’t mind being a bit adventurous in a Honda, going a bit slower and taking additional precautions as long as it is still generally safe.  My answer was found here and (somewhat) here. […]

  4. Here go the answers to your queries:

    1. I have a Honda City and Scorpio, but I took the latter. I would personally not take the City. Technically you can make it, but your car could end up in a bad shape. Or even get stuck in some of the sandy stretches or slushy ones. So my recommendation is no.

    2. Leh is about 1100 km. If you read this post http://kunzum.com/2008/08/02/driving-from-delhi-to-leh-ladakh/ again, you will get an idea of the distances. Add any other excursions you will do to this. And at nearly Rs. 60 a litre, with the car giving 10 or less kms per liter on that terrain, you can do the calculation. I am not sure of the capacity of the City petrol tank, but you must have enough to do 600 km from Manali to Leh. I would suppose you need to carry an extra jerry can. There is a petrol pump at Tandi, about 100 km from Manali before Keylong, but just in case they are closed or out of fuel, you will be in trouble. If you are planning Tso Moriri on the way to Leh, then you will need even more fuel. And have some spare too just in case you need to take long detours for any reason. But I also believe carrying petrol is more tricky than diesel with the former being highly inflammable. Diesel gives no problems being carried if securely stored.

    3. If you fly you will need to budget for local taxis also. It may be a good idea to make some calls and check their rates.

    Hope the above helps. Feel free to send any other queries my way.

  5. Ajay,
    it was nice to read about your travel from Delhi to Leh. We are two Ausies that have shipped over a 4X4 vehicle (Ford Maverick) to India. We are travelling from Moombai all the way to Greece through India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and finally Greece. Leh was always on our itenarary but we wanted to know if there is any danger doing the trip late October. Circumstances have forced us to pick up the vehicle from Moombai no earlier than 7th of October. Do you know of the conditions during this period. Your quick reply will be appreciated.

  6. Hi Chris,

    I believe by late October the passes might be closed. Even if they are open, it might be tricky. I read a couple of days back that there has been heavy snow (not exactly expected) on Leh throwing a lot of things out of gear.

    Honestly, I would not do it – but I am a soft adventure guy.

    Cheers… Ajay

  7. I know I shouldnt do the Delhi – Leh stretch until i get an SUV! Though I did a trip in my brand new indica from Delhi to Goa in early 2004…and my god! what an eye opener at the age of 22. our route was (all the cities where we stayed)
    1. Delhi-Ajmer
    2. Ajmer – Chittaurgarh
    3. Chittaurgarh – Udaipur
    4. Udaipur – Mumbai (15 hours nonstop)
    5. Mumbai – Goa
    6. Goa – Pune
    7. Pune – Ellora (and Ajanta)
    8. Ellora – Ujjain
    9. Ujjain – Bundi
    10 Bundi – Ranthambore
    11 – Ranthambore – Delhi

    And yes..it took us 30 days to finish this! we covered a respectable 8000 km… A great experience and a learning process to absorb our brilliant and diverse culture by not just seeing it but also by feeling and living it , which one feels is a bright departure from programs and articles designed to boost sales of Guide books or TRPs of TV Channels.

  8. hi ajay,
    we are planning to go leh in june 2009, pls send us the suggestions and details for the same, our starting point is mumbai and we have got 3 options in cars innova, pajero & prado which is the better choice reply

  9. Ajay,

    Hello again!

    I spoke to you this afternoon and am encouraged to do the Ladak trip next summers.

    How would you rate Ford Fusion to be worthy for road travel from here (I stay in Noida) to Leh via Rohtang? Would it be able to take the road journey form Cargill to Zanskar ? BTW, its a petrol vehicle.

    Thank you,


  10. Hi Ajay,

    This is a fantastic website and a great motivator for travel enthusiasts like me, who have been craving to visit Ladakh for a long time now.

    If you can let me know, would April be a good time to visit Ladakh? What are the chances that the passes might be open with some idea on the road conditions?
    I plan to travel in Tata Safari 4×4.

    Thanks in advance.



  11. Hi there,
    Its nice to go through ur site. We are basically based in Jispa and give tented accomodation since 2005. From 2009 we are upgrading our camp with swiss cottages and we welcome you all to our jispa journeys camp.We are open from June to September.
    With regards.

  12. Hi Ajay…

    We are a group of 5 guys….plannignto go to leh this summer around May …
    Do you have idea regarding that can we hire any Gypsy or any SUV from Manali … If so do you have any contact no. s?? Or if we can hire any SUV from Delhi .?
    We don t wana go for bikes and the cars which we guys have we won t be able to complete the journmey ..

    Kindly suggest .. thanks…

  13. Hi Himagshu,

    The Innova should be a good option. Go for it. And do share your experiences when back.

    But do watch out for the Manali – Rohtang sector: Its going to be packed with cars taking tourists up and down. It might be slow progress but after that you can expect empty roads.

    Cheers… Ajay

  14. Thanks Ajay. I will go for it. I have acutally been to Jispa, and 10 km beyond in a Zen — which i’ve also taken to Mumbai, Kanyakumari, Konark, Kolkata, Kinnaur. I remember the madness on way to Rohtang, super-insanity at the pass with burly pot-bellied men and women hurtling down on an inflated truck tube, down a slope on some filthy, leftover snow. It was awful. But just after Rohtang, it gets better. Keylong was terrific, and to little distance I dared to take my Zen beyond Jispa was divine and sublime. I came back with a vow that I’ll do the journey one day. I’ll certainly share my experience. Tentative plan is to spend one night at Solang valley, two at Keylong (or one each at Keylong and Jispa), one at Sarchu. I’ll return via Srinagar. How does that sound?

  15. Hi Friends

    Me and my friend are planing to go Leh and ladakh from Delhi on Bike. Is it ok to go thru bike?

    kindly suggest me


    Ankur Seth

  16. Am wanting to this trip in the summer of 2009.

    Am looking for a group of people travelling to Ladakh from Manali and come back from Srinagar side… who I could possibly join. Don’t wanna do this solo. Looking for travel partners to do this together.

    I wish to hire an Innova from Delhi and do the entire trip. If possible we could have some bikes accompany us so we can have the best of both worlds… Comfort of Innova and the thrills of a bike ride whenever possible….We could share the expenses of hiring the Innova and hotel stays enroute.

    Anyone interested in doing this trip this summer (2009) please contact me.

  17. hi ajay,

    great job man…..first the trip n now ur helping others do the same….
    have surfed quite a bit for this trip but ur account is gr8 n helpful 2 !…..
    ..me and amit (till now the 2 of us) vl take the road for leh ladakh this july in my qualis…..am sure ours vl b fun 2….any suggestions, do keep us posted..


  18. Hi Ajay…Glad you found my posts helpful. All the best for your trip. Am sure you will have a lot of fun – its a different world waiting for you in Ladakh. All the best. And feel free to ping me for any info / tips.


  19. Hi Naved…Will keep you posted if anyone is interested in making a plan like you have in mind. I am not sure when I am going to Ladakh, but will do for sure sometime. Maybe end-July / early August.

    If your plan comes through, do let me know.

    Cheers… Ajay

  20. Hi Ankur,

    Of course it is ok to go on a bike. I see a lot of people doing it. I am not a biker – but I am sure it will be fun. Keep me posted about your trip.

    Cheers… Ajay

  21. Hi Ajay / Ankur / Naved,

    All three of you have recently left comments on my blog about travelling to Ladakh this summer by road. I have connected you all over email as you sounded like you may be open to travelling with others. Maybe you can all talk and work something out.

    Cheers… Ajay

  22. Hello Everyone…

    We are a group of 6 guys….planning to go to Leh this summer around May or so.
    I need your valued suggestions for hiring any SUV from Delhi or getting something from Manali. If anyone could provide me the ideas regarding hiring SUV’s from Manali or Delhi (rates) If you do so send me an e-mail and I will get back to you guys.

    Kindly suggest .. thanks…

  23. Hi Sanjib,

    Hiring a SUV is easy in both Delhi and Leh. From what I have been told, these cost between Rs. 1500-2000 + fuel (driver is included) for Indian SUVs like Qualis, Scorpio, Tavera etc. There are enough operators offering these services. It is not difficult to find agencies who provide these services.

    Feel free to contact me if I can help in any other way.

    Cheers… Ajay

  24. Hey Ajay,
    Good job done both in your journey and keeping us informed…
    We(grp of 4 ppl) are planning a trip to ladakh in mid april. can you tell us if its open at that time. We r plannng to leave delhi by flight to leh and from there wld hire a SUV to ladakh.
    Thanks in Advance

  25. Hi Suyog,

    Great to hear you are going to Ladakh.

    You can certainly reach Leh in April by air – and should be able to do a fair amount of driving around in a SUV. But I am quite sure some of the higher passes taking you to Nubra and Pangong Tso will not be open in April. But you may want to double check with a travel agent. I had gone in July when everything was open.

    All the best for your trip – and do share your experience with me when back.

    Cheers… Ajay

  26. Dear Ajay,
    Its been gr8 going thru ur site. We are planningto drive from Mumbai to Ladhak this june in scorpio. I am planning to take my wife and 4 year old kid with me. Is it ok?? Do we need any permissions or anything with any misnistry or something like that? Also do we need to do any bookings up there for stay in hotels etc?
    Please do let me know.

  27. Hi Ajay,

    I plan to make a trip this June end from Delhi to Leh. I plan to do it in my friends Wagan R. Whats your take on this, how good can this be taking a Wagon R to Leh. Does it look doable. I want to drive myself and hence have no other option than to take my friends car. Cant manage to get a SUV. Would appreciate you reply to my querry.


  28. Hi Kundan,

    In a Scorpio you should not have any problems. Even I use the same – and it is not even a 4-wheel.

    You need permits for some areas but will get them in Leh. Just a formality. Some local agents can make it easier for you.

    There should be enough hotels in most places with rooms available, but you may want to make advance bookings in places like Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri.

    All the best with your trip. So share with me how it went.


  29. Hi Sameer,

    I have seen people taken weaker cars than a WagonR but not sure how they hold out. I go in a Scorpio. My take would be that if you are willing to drive slower and more carefully, it should be ok. There are rarely any stretches where you need too much power or might get stuck – but the road are pretty broken in lots of places. Can’t give you a clear yes or no, but do-able I would think.

    Unless you come across a real slushy patch – that would be bad luck.

    All the best with your trip. Do tell me how it goes.


  30. Hi plan to visit leh in mid may. Wanted to know cost of rented car travel from delhi to leh. you’ve mentioned around 2k. anyway let me know other details if possible. thanks in advance and yeah ur blog really helped.

  31. HI Ajay

    Wonderful experience man…Well me and my brother are going to leh (from delhi and will be back via srinagar) in last week of may..we will be carrying our own vehicle (qualis or innova).. but to check on cost and also to get good company i invite one or two more persons intrstd..but they should be passionate about the journey and not hurry up as we are snails in travelling..we both are experienced travellers and can handle most of the tricky situations in journey as we have travelled most of india and had been doing one trip each month since sep 2007…..SO if anyone interested do mail me on anshuldiehard@gmail.com….

    THankx Ajay FOr this wonderful experience sharing

  32. Hi !


    Thank you for your review. You don’t know me, I have seen your blog from “Googles”. We are planning to visit Leh this May/June for which I am gethering the possible information form what ever sourses available and your review is of real help.

    What I want to know more is that from where in Delhi I can book a car or jeep for Leh and who much it will cost. And in Leh will I have to book vehicle in advance for going to Pangom, Nubra, Somoriri etc and if yes, then from where and who much it will cost or I can go there and book accordingly (my trip will be of 14 to 15 days) then also what will be the cost.

    If you can please suggest any thing it will be of great help.

    Waiting eagerly for your reply

    Thank you


  33. Hi,
    I read through most of the stuff on this page and i think its very informative and encouraging at the same time. I wish to do the Chandigarh-ladakh stretch on my Pulsar 200 around May. Since nobody has explicitly asked for doing a biking trip so lemme ask it. How good an experience would it be doing on my bike? I am an avid photographer and my agenda involves capturing landscapes along the way. How safe it is? How daunting it is? The max i’ve done is around 700km in 2 days with sore butts :) Any suggestion/ advice shall be greatly appreciated.


  34. Hi Santanu,

    I am not sure where you can hire a car but there are ads almost daily for trips to Ladakh. You could even call Banjara Camps (www.banjaracamps.com) to see if they can help.

    All the best with your trip. And if you ever want to share your travel experiences on Kunzum, I will only be too happy to carry these.

    Cheers… Ajay

  35. Hi Gaurav,

    I am not a bikes person. But it seems to be pretty safe but for the sore backside. I have known a lot of people who go on bikes and they seem to be fine with it. I am sure you will do good too.

    Have you checked if the passes are open in May?

    All the best with your trip. And if you ever want to share your travel experiences on Kunzum, I will only be too happy to carry these.

    Cheers… Ajay

  36. Hi Anshul,

    Hope you managed to find some co-passengers. And would love to have you share your experiences with readers on Kunzum. All the best for your trip.

    Cheers… Ajay

  37. Hi Archana, Are you sure the passes will be open in mid-May to drive? About the cost, this is what I have heard for rental of cars. I never hire one myself. Feel free to ask me any other info if I can be of any help.

  38. hi Ajay/Santanu

    Thanx ajay….yesterday i read your article in times of india (cheers 4 dat)…yup i found 2 person…surely will tell u abt the experience..And Santanu you can hire a car(Qualis/scorpio) for Rs 9-11 per km as per your consideration..call 01122222222 n ask 4 some taxi no. and also if you want to enquire total cost i have a chart which will help you in estimating the total cost of trip….for that mail me on anshuldiehard@gmail.com

  39. Hi Ajay,
    We are 5-6 friends and planning for leh & Ladhak, but after reading exp. of other I still have some quearies…

    hope u’ll will surely help me in resolving them…

    1) This month (april) is ok for tour…? I mean… to weather and other conditions…
    2) and If yes then, Can we complete our whole trip (Delhi to Leh & Ladhak – and back at home) with in total 4 Days? If yes then please suggest us the way… even by air and by road…
    3) We are only 2 drivers expert for hilly area out of 6 so is this ok.. or we may require extra person other than 2?

    and also suggest item which we should forget to carry.. with us…

    your earlier revert and advice shall be appreciated.

    Thanks… :)

  40. Hi Sumit,

    If you are planning to drive then:
    – You cannot go before June. The passes will be closed. And it takes at leats 3 days from Delhi to reach Leh. Maybe 4.
    – 2 persons to drive are enough. I do it alone as a single person.

    You can go by air and can explore Leh and surrounding areas in 4 days. But will need to hire a cab locally as most of the monasteries are around Leh and not in the town itself.

    It is going to be very cold in April but you will have to check how much. It might even be snowing on some days. But should be fun.

    Carry a lot of woolens. And if you ever drive, make sure you have a lot of drinking water and extra fuel in your car.

    Hope this helps. And you have a great trip. Do share your experiences when back.

    Cheers… Ajay

  41. hi Ajay,

    well we 3 friends would like to travel from mumbai to leh by innova car can u guide we can do this adventure or no. beacuse we are not getting any firm answer to take innova toyota car. please send me reply we are planning to go in mid july.

  42. Hi Falguni,

    From what I know of the Innova from friends, you should have no problem absolutely. Just ensure your car is well serviced, your tyres are in a good shape and try to carry a puncture kit or an additional spare tyre if you going to be venturing in some of the more remote areas. And don’t forget a jerry can with spare fuel. Should be fun all the way after that.

    Cheers… Ajay

  43. hi ajay
    I am planning to go to leh from chandigarh by road in scorpio……..

    Chandigarh Kharar 17.77 Km
    Kharar Kurali 8.59 Km
    Kurali Mianpur 6 Km
    Mianpur Rupnagar 16.44 Km
    Rupnagar Kiratpur 21.27 Km
    Kiratpur Swarghat 14.22 Km
    Swarghat Nauni 2.76 Km
    Nauni Bilaspur 4.15 Km
    Bilaspur Ghaghas 8.83 Km
    Ghaghas Dahar 7.61 Km
    Dahar Barmana 8.25 Km
    Barmana Sundar Nagar 5.67 Km
    Sundar Nagar Ghiri 13.62 Km
    Ghiri Chail Chowk 11.57 Km
    Chail Chowk Pandoh 10.03 Km
    Pandoh Aut 13.59 Km
    Aut Bajaura 8.64 Km
    Bajaura Bhuntar 5.83 Km
    Bhuntar Kullu 13.62 Km
    Kullu Jana 3.84 Km
    Jana Raison 6.49 Km
    Raison Katrain 0.84 Km
    Katrain Jagatsukh 17.1 Km
    Jagatsukh Manali 8.65 Km
    Manali Marhi 10.64 Km
    Marhi Gramphoo 6.47 Km
    Gramphoo Sissu 8.09 Km
    Sissu Gondla 11.09 Km
    Gondla Tandi 12.92 Km
    Tandi Keylang 1.56 Km
    Keylang Guru Ghantal 7.55 Km
    Guru Ghantal Dharcha 21.32 Km
    Dharcha Kargyak 95.25 Km
    Kargyak Char 7.12 Km
    Char Yaytah 20.49 Km
    Yaytah Leh 117.42 Km
    Total Distance Travelled 555.3 Km
    This is my route……….. i just wanna ask is this route is safe and how much time would it take to reach leh from manali by this route ………..and how are the conditions of roads……….and i am planning to leave in first week of may………PLZ SUGGEST

  44. Hi Mohnish,

    To be honest, I am not very familiar with the places you have mentioned here except a few. Is this a different route to what I have mentioned?

    Ladakh is generally safe everywhere so you should not have a problem. But I am also wondering if the passes after Rohtang will be open in May? I have been told they open only June onwards.

    Cheers… Ajay

  45. Hi Anshul,

    Thanks for the info about hiring a taxi. The chart will be very useful to those who ask for it. Can you send it to me also and I will pass it on to anyone who enquires/

    Cheers… Ajay

  46. Hi ajay

    Yup surely i will send u d chart…4 ppl who r lukin 2 hire cars….i gt 2-3 operators who lets qualis (wid carrier n lcd) for Rs 7 in jangpura n defence colony…n also dis time BRO reports manali-leh wud b ready by 15th may….so m postponing my dates to 22nd may….plan as per ya consideration….

    “Salute to Those who travel bye Bikes”

  47. Ajay… thanks a tonne for such descriptive detail of everything involved.

    Samir.. Sahil.. and Naved… I am visiting Delhi on 6th May 2009 and will have a week before I head back. Was actually thinking of flying to Leh but that doesnt seem to be the best of options. Count me in if you guys are serious about your travel plans to Leh and if our dates dont play spoilsport… nothing like doing it with new friends. Let me know.

  48. Thanks Anshul – will look forward to it. And needed this tip about the passes opening in May – will plan my travels accordingly too. Cannot wait to go back to Ladakh.

    Cheers… Ajay

  49. Hi Anshul / Ajay

    Been to leh last year. Can’t wait to go this year again. Just waiting for the roads to open up.

    Anshul / Ajay, could you pls provide me with contact details of fellaws providing private passing Taxi’s / SUV for the Leh – Manali route.

    How reliable thier drivers & thier vehicles are?

    Last year, we had hired a private passing Qualis for the leh trip, the driver was the owner himself. He was very reliable when to comes to his driving skills, but the condition of his vehicle was pathetic, saw many breakdowns. Also the driver used to give the lift to anybody, saying that the car was owned by him, so he was free to decide things. This was pathetic. He took unreasonable halts, etc, etc, etc. I lot people have asked me to share the contact detail of fellow we hired last year, but I haven’t passed his details to anyone, coz i dont want anyone else to ruin their journey.

  50. Well that was gr8 information – very detailed. I am most probably leaving on Tuesday and definately taking a print-out of this page. Definately a gr8 help!
    Thanks man it has been a great help and an eye opener.

  51. Hi Ajay,

    My husband and I are planning a trip in the first week of July for around 15-20 days. Researching on it I came across your posts. They are indeed helpful and I feel better geared to prepare for the trip. Will ask if there are any questions.


  52. Hi Ashish,

    I have never hired a cab so would not have any contact numbers. Unfortunately these things happen and you cannot do anything if you are stuck with these guys. But I am particularly shocked to hear he would give a lift to others considering you had hired the full cab. There is also a safety issue here giving lifts to strangers.

    Cheers… Ajay

  53. Hi Aditi,

    Are you already on the way? Are you driving? Would the passes be open? All the best for your trip though – I am sure you will have a blast. And glad this post has been helpful to you. Cheers… Ajay

  54. Hi Subhashani, glad to know you found these posts useful. All the best for your trip. And do not hesitate to seek any tips if I can help. Cheers… Ajay

  55. Hey Ajay, First of all thank you for helping out people, I’ve a query, is it possible to complete a Delhi-Ladakh-Delhi trip in 6 days by road? I’m planning my trip in end of June. Waiting for your reply it will really help. Thank You

  56. HI AJAY/Ashish

    sorry i was on a tour for two months of m.p so couldnt get 2 u…..dates for passes opening have been extended to 25th may so nw leavin on 27th may definitely….well ashish plz tell frm where u want to hire the taxi and your specifications or else try yellow pages from your locality n remember to ask 4 a driver who had been to leh earlier and also a car that is serviced and in good condition…

  57. hello everyone,

    Following is a piece of news about manali-leh highway from leading newspaper-The Indian

    “The Border Road Organization (BRO) on Wednesday has begun to clear the snow on the Leh-Manali Highway.

    The 475-kilometer highway connecting Manali to Leh, was closed during the winter due to snowfall at the Rohtang Pass and Baralacha Pass in Lahaul-Spiti.

    Three teams, armed with the latest snow-clearing machinery and bulldozers, have started clearing the snow at three different places.

    Rohtang has just reopened for traffic yesterday, if the weather remains good then with in a week it should be declared open for vehicular traffic and after that it is only a matter of days before Manali – Leh highway is officially declared open (in case there is no issue at Baralacha La).”

    Source: The Indian

  58. Hi All,

    Me and some of friends are planning to go to ladakh from delhi on our bikes. Can you please tell me if we’ll be able to get petrol on our way in between manali to leh. And is it possible to reach ther on bike, as per the route are concern.

    Please tell me the best time to go there, as we ‘re planning to start our journey on 1 June 09.

  59. Hi Nayan,

    As mentioned in this post, you can get fuel only at Tandi. But sometimes this may be closed or out of stock. You may be advised to carry some in a jerry can. It also depends how far your bikes can go on a full tank.

    Going on bikes is no problem, lots of people do it.

    And yes, June 1 should be good. I believe the passes will be open by then.

    All the best with your trip.

    Cheers… Ajay

  60. Hi we are 3 friends trying to leave for leh in 1st week of June by swift desire…. Would that be ok… Which way would be better Srinagar or manali… Wat all do we need to take care off…

  61. Hey Ajay,

    Great Info you got here man… Thanks for all this stuff and now coming to my point… Me and my friends have been dying to go to Ladakh since a very long time and now we are finally taking the trip this August.

    So first I would like to know whether august is the appropriate time or not and secondly I would like to know whether if I hire a Car from Delhi then would those drivers be able to drive it safely on such a routes or not.

    Also how many days do you think are required for a proper and enjoyable trip involving traveling by road from Delhi. Are 7-8 to days sufficient.


    This is a last call for anyone who is interested in going to leh…we are 2 persons leaving for leh on 29th may and its 8-10 days trip with accomodation in leh is in a govt.guest house….we further can accomodate 2 more person in scorpio to reduce cost…total cost per head would figure between 7000-10000…for more information


    “Hurry up”

  63. hi ajay,
    We are 8 guys and planning to start our journey on15th of june.iam a regular biker nd regular traveller on by enfield.i had already travelled rajasthan,gujrat,punjab,utrakhand nd some of himachal.we all are having enfields.nd all set to go but iam somewhere confused about the best way.is that through srinagar or manali.nd what sort of equipments we should take like is that important to take tents nd all.nd what is the procedure nd from which place we will get passes or permission to go through.nd is the way is open or not.like the passes would be opened or not.ill be thank full to u if u can help me in this….
    And i invite all the guys who want or looking to go on his bike in this june to ladakh.

  64. hi gaurav
    are u having ur own bike……if yes then its nearly 7000 to 9000 in between….with everything nd this is the expense we all have estimated as some extra can be less…..if wanna talk can contact me

    email. paulsmith181@gmail.com

  65. Hi Aditya, I am not sure how sturdy the Swift would be. There are some tough patches you may have to negotiate. Whatever you take, don’t forget extra fuel and drinking water. Rest should be fine. Cheers… Ajay

  66. Hi Sunil…Thanks for your feedback to the blog. Yes, August is a great time. And you can hire cars from Delhi but I believe they can only go up to point. Non Jammu Kashmir taxis cannot enter Ladakh. But the taxi guy should know that and he will have tie-ups. Regarding safety, you have to always tell these drivers to go easy – they tend to be reckless but not all.

    7-8 days? Maybe not. But read this post to get an idea: http://kunzum.com/2009/05/16/itinerary-10-days-in-ladakh-by-road/

  67. HI AJay

    I am back and I cant just tell you how amazing and enjoying the journey was…I Did Delhi-Manali-Leh-Kargil-Drass-Srinagar-Patnitop-Jammu-Delhi…HAd to face many severe problems on my way but at last was able to finish the journey…Some problems were–Stuck at BARALACHA la due to truck accident and AMS striking,Tyre puncture at Moray plains,broken suspension at lamayuru,heavy snowfall at zozi la etc.. But Truly amazing experience was that when i reached srinagar i felt like i am driving on some kinds of plains cos of d heights of leh-ladakh mountains…

    Thanks your blog helped a lot

  68. Hi Gurnam,

    You seem to be leading a great life biking all around. Don’t think you need too much advice from anyone. :) Never been via Srinagar – every time I try, some trouble erupts. Rohtang is good too but last year there was too much tourist traffic between Manali and Rohtang in June, although it drops drastically from July.

    I guess you will need tents and very warm sleeping bags if you plan to camp. You can also crash with some dhabas if you like for Rs. 50-100 a night. You will need permits to cross passes like Chang La and Khardung La but any travel agent will arrange these in Leh.

    What is your itinerary? I am expected to leave for Ladakh around June 17-20 myself.

  69. hi i am from delhi i m planing for going to leh ladakh can u tell the honda city new i vtech aotomatic is easly going dere the RAODS are safe ya i will take other car please rply me…

  70. HI AJAY..
    Actually iam running my own store (SUBWAY). nd have to plan exactally everything…But for sure u must be goin by ur car….nd i love my royal enfield….i will travel on it….but it would be great if u will be with us…….i can change the plan according to urs…bd tht would be a great fun if u will travel with us on bikes……But in all u are a nice guy……can i have ur cntct no…..iam running my store in kamla nagar(north campus)or we can meet up there sometime…tht would be great….
    nd one thing more can u plzz tell me from where in delhi i can rent tent….thx
    Gurnam Singh

  71. Hi Ajay
    Thanks a lot for your advise… now we have extended our trip to 14 days.. I guess that would be enough.. Just need a lil more favor from you… We are gonna hire a car from delhi for the round trip… Now I don’t know a lot people in there. One of my friend got a quote from a guy for 13rs/km and min 300 kms a day (Innova), now thats too much of money as per me.

    I would be glad if you could provide me contact of any guy who can provide an Innova or similar car for the route, if you know anyone.

    We are taking the trip from 9th aug to 22nd aug.


  72. Dear Ajay,

    We are making a plan for going to Delhi to Ladakh via a beautiful route. please give me some information about this.

    1. which route is most comfortable, cheap, short, enjoyful for going Ladakh from Delhi.

    2. which car is most comfort for going to Ladakh like Sumo, Qualis, Safari, Innova etc.

    3. How many Kms between Delhi to Ladakh.

    4. How many days should be spend for this trip upto return back to Delhi.

    5. What is the charges of Staying and eating for going to Ladakh. (Middle Level)

    6. we are six friends, all are around 25 years old, we should take oxgen or not ?

    7. what is the most beautiful and unforgettable place in Ladakh and their route.

    Hope you will be send required information at your earliest.



  73. hi everyone

    I have known one person who can rent a car for rs7-8 / km…the contact number for the person is +919990996368…

    Hope it helps

  74. hi joginder

    i have just been back….so i can help with few of those-

    1)short route is delhi-manali-leh but nt comfortable as compared to delhi-srinagar-leh….both are enjoyable
    2)only four wheel drive….i really faced many problems on d route only due to car and had lucky escapes …had taken tavera..pls choose SUV as any other one can seriously dangerous
    3)everything is costly in leh….cheap guest house and hotels can be found in Chanspa in leh….Lamyuru and penguin restaurant are good for food
    4)i did the trip in 9 days…its too less..missed few places…atleast 12 days are needed
    5)carry oxygen as precautions but do carry necessary medicines must…whatever ur age may be u all should be fit for the place as at such altitude u dont feel eating anything which again makes u more weaker…it happend to me also
    6)Ladakh in itself beautiful n unforgettable…I have 12 gb of photographs and video…nw u can make out what all u r going to experience

    for any kind of help mail me at anshuldiehard@gmail.com

    Thanks n regards

  75. Hi, Joginder – answers to your questions as below:

    – The best route might be via Manali as described here. Even the distances are mentioned here.
    – Any SUV like Qualis, Safari etc should be good.
    – I have given my recommendations where to go at http://kunzum.com/2009/05/16/itinerary-10-days-in-ladakh-by-road/
    – No need to take oxygen. In an emergency the Army camps usually help, or local hospitals in Leh.
    – All of Ladakh is beautiful; take the route from Manali to Leh. I cannot comment on Tso Moriri and Pangong Tso as I have not been there yet but they are supposed to beautiful drives too. Try doing the drive to Khardungla Pass too on the way to Nubra.

  76. Hi Ajay,

    This is a great website. We are 6 to 7 guys from IIT Kharagpur planning to do a road trip from Bike to Leh Ladakh at the end of July but we have exactly 9 days. Please suggest whether it would be possible to cover this in 9 days and from where we could hire the bikes. Please give us some more information which might be helpful to us.
    with warm regards,

  77. hiiiiiiii ajay,

    We are 5 guys from DELHI planning to do a road trip from Bike to Leh Ladakh 16TH of July . Please suggest whether it would be possible to cover this in 10 days and from where we could hire the bikes. Please give us some more information which might be helpful to us.
    with warm regards,

  78. Thanks Imran. Yes, you should be able to cover the route in 10 days but you will not get too much time to spend in Leh itself. Would not know where you can hire bikes though – I have never been a biking person.

  79. Hi Ajay,

    Just read a small block featured in Times of India’s suppliment one day & I got on to your website that friday (before 6 months). Since then, I am a fond reader of all your posts.

    Writing a comment on your blog for the first time. HATS OFF to you for promoting “Indian travel” this much in all your posts (in a time when most of the people are promoting / selling overseas travel). I can understand what efforts you may be putting up for maintaining all this stuff.. & keep adding new ones. Sincerely appreciate your efforts.

    I usually take a break every 3 months to drive to mountains. Last time, in March, we headed for Lansdowne.

    This time I plan to hit your favourite mountains this July end. I plan to go for Manali – Rohtang – Keylong. We have 7 days. As we are not able to get a long break, I seek your advise if this one is manageable. My wife & I will be travelling by our Alto. I seek your advise for the terrain to be travelled & the timing of journey. Do I need to stock up fuel ?

    I know these questions are of repeat nature to you.. But would appreciate your take on this.

    Rushikesh Trivedi (Gurgaon)

  80. Hi Rushikesh, thanks for the feedback to my blog. Even though I travel abroad often, I prefer to write only on India as someone needs to tell the world what a beautiful country we have.

    7 days up to Keylong will be fine but a bit tight. Manali takes at least 13-14 hours to reach, Rohtang is 3 hours from there and Keylong another 2.5. Of course subject to roads being clear.

    The terrain is smooth till Manali but there are rough patches after that. You will need to go very slow in the Alto on these. I am writing this from Kulu and head to Jispa beyond Keylong tomorrow morning. You can check my experience with me mid-July when I am back in Delhi.

  81. Hi!

    Great post….
    I am planning a trip this july… I stay in Dubai… and was thinking of doing the circuit starting from srinagar onto drass – kargil – ladakh and then ending at manali…
    Questions –
    1. Any place in delhi, where we can rent a scorpio or something – but self driven.. dont want a driver…
    2. Biking or driving?? What would you suggest?
    3. Is it a safe area to be pitching up your own tents almost every night?? – as in – just stop where you feel like…
    4. Is end of july a good time?

    Would be great if you could help


  82. Hey Buddy,

    u doin a good job here, I have been to Leh 6 times, twice in the mid 80’s when my father was posted in Leh ( he was in the Army ), the only road back then was via Srinagar – Kargill – Drass. The other trips have been direct landing and then moving around by road.

    For long I have been planing to take the Delhi – Manali – Leh – Srinagar – Delhi road trip and this year I am gonna do just that. Leaving on 24th July and be back in Delhi on 2nd August.

    Share your expert thought as I plan to do this trip on my SX4, it will be 4 us with me driving.

    Last month I took this car to Manali from Delhi and it took me 10 hours to reach Manali, i was driving all night long.

    Take care,


  83. Hi guys..
    M Arjun and m planning to go leh ladakh by bike..
    i have safari but i want to go by enfield.. can anyone tell from where to hire it in Delhi or Anywhere in Manali or chandigarh.. anyplace in way of leh ladakh.. m planning to go around 20th july..
    thanks for the posts guyz it was really helpful..

    cheers to riders

  84. hi,
    i just wanted to speak to you regarding delhi -leh-ladakh expedition.so please feel free to send me your contact number so that i can speak to u and clarify my doubts.my mail id is bruceani@gmail.com and my contact number is +91-9880980888.

  85. hi ajay iam back from the trip nd tht was amazing its like anything that can be imagined……..it was 15 days trip on my royal enfield nd i found some good friends also on the trip…..

  86. I am planning to go Leh- Ladakh from Dehradun after mid of August 09 on bike. I would like to know which bike is best for the trip as I am planning to buy one for this trip. I have covered almost all Uttarakhand trips. Last year I did from Dehradun-Kaza-Manali-Dehradun, all my trips are done on four wheeler. Any body interested in joining me are welcome. Call Jai 9412347272/9897587272.

  87. Hi,

    I am leaving for Leh via Manali on 23rd july evening and plan to be back on 2nd August in my SX4, as 2 of my not so adventourous buddies have backed out so place available for 2 ppl, lemme know if anybody is intrested.

    I can be reached on bhargavaharish@hotmail.com.

  88. HI ,
    Ajay, it was mesmerizing to see the pics and the elaborate description you have given regarding the drive to leh. I would like to drive in my Santro of 2007 make which has already clocked 46K in odometer.
    I have been to lEh around 10 years back, but by air, i would like to drive down from delhi to leah, this august.
    also i would like to go via kargil -leh road and come back via the manali leg road.
    please suggest me .

  89. Hi Ajay,

    Your page is very information and encouraging too. I have been planning a road trip to Leh for a long time now. We are now planning to go in the last week of August.
    We are a young couple, recently married, so few questions:
    – Is it safe for just two of us to drive down to Leh
    – I have a Santro and a Swift, which one would you suggest
    – Are 9 days sufficient for this trip
    – I would be the only driving the vehicle, any specific challenges
    – I have easily done 500-600 Kms alone

    Your inputs would really help in planning this trip

  90. Hi Anubhav, missed responding sooner. Here goes:

    – Not sure who rents self drive vehicles in India. It is a big handicap.
    – I see a lot of bikers having a great time. I am not into biking though – always take 4 wheels.
    – It is safe to pitch tent anywhere, no problems in Ladakh. You may just want to be careful of high altitude places though where winds can be cold and strong at night.
    – End of July is great.

    Have a great trip. Cheers… Ajay

  91. Hi Sumit, I am never sure if taking a car like a Santro is a good idea. But lot of people do take such cars – just you don’t get a real bad patch. And the route you are thinking is just fine. Although I have not done Kargil – Srinagar myself. Cheers… Ajay

  92. Hi Saurabh, here go the replies:

    – No problem if its just the two of you. My wife and I always go by ourselves.
    – Not sure what’s a better car. Take the one with the higher ground clearance.
    – Check out this link to answer if 9 days are enough: http://kunzum.com/2009/05/16/itinerary-10-days-in-ladakh-by-road/
    – No specific challenges. The following post may help: http://kunzum.com/2009/06/19/what-to-carry-with-you-when-you-drive-to-the-mountains/

  93. Hi Ajay,

    Man seems we are alike. I am from the center of India – Nagpur and I am planning a drive to Leh – Ladakh – Kargil – Drass – Pahelgam – Srinagar – Jammu – Chandigadh – Delhi – Agra – Gwaliar – Nagpur. I think this will be close to 8500 KM. I have Ford Fusion+ Diesel fully loaded version. I will be travelling with my wife and two sons age 15 & 5. Please advise me the route and the time of the year. We plan to spend a resonable time at each place (1 – 2 days each). I have driven Nagpur to Goa and Back (2750 KM) out of which I did one way non stop single handed and took about 18 HRS on another vehicle (Santro ZING). I have an experiance of about 250000 KM on 4 wheeler on long highway drive and have done Nagpur – Bangalore & Back many times with a round trip= 3000 KM.

    Looking at this please advise on the best itinerary and things to carry. I have the mapmyindia GPS with me.

    In fiftth Gear,


  94. Hi Ajay

    We are planning for a trip to Leh/Ladakh by 1st week of October this year … We plan to reach Leh by flight and spend 3-4 days there …
    There are doubts about climate conditions at that time … also, we are 5 people (3 guys and a couple), all around age of 27 … will girls be comfortable there in Leh with less Oxygen levels ??? …
    Also, just to get an approx. estimate of expenditure, we want to know the Stay charge at Leh and Commuting charges for 4 days in Leh …

    If you could clarify these, it would be of great help to us … Thank you …
    – Saran

  95. Hi Saran, It would get cold by October but would be bearable. Most establishments start closing around October 15. But all depends on the weather. Altitude sickness is not age or gender specific – so no worries about girls in particular. Cannot comment on the expenditure though, depends on the hotel you book. Food is generally very cheap and good, so you can get by within a reasonable budget. Taxis can typically cost anywhere between Rs. 600 – 2,500 a day depending on where all you go. Within Leh you can walk everywhere, but you will need taxis to visit other places. Hope this helps.

  96. Hi Unmesh, I have not yet done the Srinagar and Gwalior regions so will not be able advise you on that. But I know people who have gone via Srinagar and there is no problem. For Ladakh, the safest periods to travel by road are June 1 – September 30.

  97. Hi Mr Ajay,
    being very frank enough, i m nt a very mature person…bt i want to make a road trip from jaipur to leh ladakh….i hv 1 fried who is ready 4 this exiting journey n v hav royal enfield….i want to talk to u personally so as to clear my doubt….my mail id is cool_saurabhmaheshwari@yahoo.co.in n d contact no is 09660966336…plz mail me or msg me ur contact no so dat i can talk n clear my quarries…
    well ur suggestions n d whole experience who jst awesome n vry inspiring too…
    thanking you

  98. we are planning a bike trip from chandigarh to leh…just wanted to ask you about the bike rent and security.
    it would be nice if you could give us your mobile number…i have also sent you a request on facebook!!!
    thanks a lot!!

  99. Hi Ajay,

    Love the website and all the information posted on it. Me and a friend want to go to Leh/Ladakh from Delhi. We have basically ten days and want to drive up to Leh, via Manali. We’ve estimated that this will take about 3 days, will spend 5 days in Leh and then begin to head back down to Delhi via Kargil and Srinagar and then take a train from Jammu to Delhi. Do you think this will work? Both of us are not from India and are wondering if you can be of any help to plan this trip out. We want to take a taxi/bus/jeep to Leh and coming back in a train. We are rushed because of work! We don’t want to miss the Menali-Leh road- can we take a train to Manali or somewhere near?

    We are planning to leave September 25th and be back October 4/5th. How will the weather be like at this time? What type of things should we pack (I’ve read some posts on other websites about sleeping bags, etc)?? Any advice and help on these would be great…and helping us plan this trip? What itinerary do toy recommend? What is an absolute MUST?

    Also, if you know of any others wanting to go at this time, they would be welcome to join us!!


  100. Hi Sheena,

    You are going at a time when the weather starts getting unpredictable. You never know which of the high passes might have snow. But don’t worry too much: till October 15 is generally open. If you plan on hiring a cab, they usually know.

    You can also check out the following posts if not done already:



    You can catch a flight to Kullu and head to Jispa same day and reach by evening. These usually early morning from Delhi, and you will save a day. Jispa to Leh will take one day. No trains go near Manali though. You other bet is taking an overnight bus to Manali and a cab the following morning – but this will mean a fair bit of roughing out. There should be enough trains to bring you back from Jammu. Unfortunately, I don’t have specific info on trains, buses and cabs you can hire.

    I have given a link to a proposed itinerary covering most of what you could do. If the passes are open, make sure you go to at least Tso Moriri or Pangong Tso – these lakes are heaven. :)

    Let me know if I can be of any other help.

  101. hi guys
    i am planning to visit ladhakh in november with my freinds.i live in delhi and we would like to go by road on bikes and our budget is aprox12k per person,we need some ideas from those who already been there before, regarding accomodation, petrol stations, food and much more is 12k is ok for this trip and we are planning to spend 10 to 15 days and we will take manali root via going and punjab root via coming so i need some guidence boss…….anybody can help me out

  102. Hi Rahul, it sounds like you are headed for an exciting trip. I don’t have experience of biking so can’t help you with the budget. But you will be driving for at least 2,500 km so you can calculate the fuel cost accordingly. And you can stay for as low as Rs. 100 a night in shared tents – or hotels which can be more. Food is not expensive though. It also depends how long you plan to stay for. Have a great trip…

  103. Hi Ajay.
    Much belatedly, many thanks for your advice/help and this lovely blog. I had a roaring trip from Manali to Leh. The third week of June was a lovely time to do that trip with loads of snow around clear roads, particularly at Baralachala and the completely frozen, icy blue Vishaal Taal. I actually enjoyed the Sarchu halt and I find it a desirable evil for those who like to keep stopping for photographs and to enjoy the awesome, unique landscape, particularly as it is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Some oxygen we took along was a great help, at least psychologically for me and the kids.

    Our Innova did a spectacularly good job, though once it got stuck at Kangla Jal, and had to be pulled out with the help of an army truck. Leh to Pengong was also a spectacular drive. The Pengong experience was enhanaced by a meeting with film stars shooting for a movie called “three idiots”.

    Thanks again, and keep up your great blog. chrs. H

  104. Dear Ajay
    Its nice place to visit and exciting trip. We are planning to go their. Please tell me some information that can we drive the truck on leh nimmoo route at 50 to 60 kmph at some place at -5 deg. C temperature.
    Please reply.

  105. Hi Ajay,

    Thanks for the valuable information.

    Me along with 3 friends are planning to visit leh by road in mid march next year. Is that time( 15th march) good enough for travel to leh? We all will be travelling in a SUV 4×4 so please advise whether we should carry on with the trip.

    Thanks in advance.


  106. Hello to AJ from another:)

    I am planning a trip to Leh from Hyderabad with maybe 7 other friends in 2 scorpios in August 2010 and I have enjoyed reading your blog as I prepare for the trip. Actually we had a friend from Hyd who died in Kargil and this is like a tribute to him besides an adventure of a lifetime. We are all avid motorsport enthusiasts and at least 4 rallyists amongst our group and some nice long drives like Hyd to Delhi and back and closer locations like Goa, etc. But this proposed trip will be it we think. Original idea was to drive to Singapore but we have been trying for more than 4 months now to get permits from Myanmar and gave up trying. Will be nice if I can touch base with you somehow to get an experts suggestions. Cheers and nice blog.


  107. Hi AJ… good to meet another roadie. Sure, feel free to ping me with any queries etc if I can help. If your Singapore thing ever works out, do check with me – I might want to join you guys too. I am off on a long trip myself starting Jan-end from Delhi covering Nepal, Assam, Arunanchal, Nagaland, Sikkim and Bhutan. Will keep you posted.

    And sorry to hear about your friend. Was he in the Armed Forces?

  108. Hi Ajay,
    Thanks for a very interesting and informative account of your trip. My friends and our family is planning a roadtrip to Leh – Ladakh during the summer vacations, probably around May. I wanted to know, is it a good idea to go with kids? we have kids between 4 – 12 who may join us. We will be driving down in a Safari Dicor. Any info/tips are appreciated.
    thanks and regards.

  109. Hi Nigar, it sure is fine to go with kids. I have seen enough families take them along. Just be sure everyone has a lot of water along the way. Especially warm water – you can get it heated at dhabas along the way. The Safari is fine. Just double check if the roads are open in May though – the snow is cleared anytime between early May to early June. Enjoy your trip – and feel free to send any other queries my way. Cheers… Ajay

  110. Hi Ajay, was very impressed with your blog, travels and the response/queries you get. Im from Chandigarh settled in Bangalore. Im a roadie and have done a number of road trips in India. Have also done Bangalore – Rohtang, Bangalore Chandigarh a number of times. I wish to do Bangalore ladakh pretty soon may be around late May’10. Will get in touch with you soon for that. Also please let me know if i can join you on any of your trips. This is for Arun Jacob – would really wanna be a part of the Singapore trip, please update. Happy travelling till then.

  111. Hi Sudhanshu, good to get to know another roadie. Would love to know more about your travels. Love exchanging stories. Do give me a shout if you are ever in Delhi. And sure, will keep you posted about my plans too. My next big trip is to Nepal, Assa, Arunachanal and possibly Nagaland, Sikkim & Bhutan – all in one long trip. Starting Jan 29 from Delhi. Cheers…

  112. Hi Ajay,
    I am planning to travel to Leh in month of January 2010(last week) by road, I would like to know if it is a feasiable time to travel and more over I do not have any SUV, I have Hyundai Accent, would it be possible to drive the same in Leh?And are they going to block any routes?
    Please revert back soon, I would be very grateful to you.
    Warm regards,

  113. Hi Gautam, The earliest you can go to Ladakh by road is sometime in May. And often not before June 1. Passes are all closed. Even army vehicles cannot go through. And roads are open till sometime in Oct – all depending on the weather.

  114. I am planning to go to leh in summers. I have two kids 7 yrs and 4 yrs of age. What route would you prefer for us. What about the climatic conditions there? I stay at Indore Mahya pradesh.

  115. hi ajay.

    v r plannig 4 laddakh tour this year,i want 2 ask u one question

    is there any special permission reqirement 4 travelling in laddakh by pesonal vehicles??

  116. Hey ajay!! i must say,quite an informative mail n even m a person ,hares same adventurous attitude!! keep updating! n thnx to the site 4 being such a knowledge pool.!!!

  117. Hi Nitin, You don’t need any special permissions. For certain places you need to get a permit from Leh – easy to get – but it is for the individuals. Nothing to do with the vehicle.

  118. Hi Ajay,
    Well i have gone through all the posts regarding trip to ladak. These all posts cleared lots of doubts of mine about budget, climate, food, road map & suitable time for the trip. I just want to know one thing from you as you saw road conditions and overall road map, well i m planning to move on my Alto car from Delhi. Will it be fine for me to take this car? Will it work in whole trip? I dont want to have any kind of damage with my car. please suggest…

  119. Hi Ajay.

    Ajay me and my friend planning a trip to Ladakh on pulsar bike. first tell me is it comfortable to be pulsar bike as it is 4 years old and please tell me how many kilometer far it is from Chandigarh and how many days it take to reach ladakh as we have only 7 days to reach home. we want t o see ladakh lake, magnetic hill etc.. so please advise me from where we will get sleeping bags, what things I have to carry while going to ladakh like can for petrol etc. and how much it gonna cost me.???

    looking forward to receive answer from u soon


  120. Hi,
    I live in Delhi, and had been planning a trip to Leh for some months now. Would like to meet freinds who want to plan it together, i would prefer going on by road. So all friends/people intreted seriously can drop me a mail. We would start from delhi, as per the convince of all member as per dates.

  121. Hi Ajay

    may i know your email add, i am planning to visit leh this mid of year, but we are totally blind about how to / where to ask, since we dont have much time, and we are in very minimum budget. I was hoping to email you to ask for best solution.

    thank u

  122. hello ajay
    my self digvijay
    me nd my five more friend r planning to hav a trip from Jaipur to leh(we hav 20 days) by my jeep in month of April .
    so plzz tell me what thing we hav to kep in mind while going there…
    abt road condition, papers needed, cloths, hotles ete so we can have safe journy….
    waitng 4 ur rply….

    • Hi Digvijay, you cannot drive to Ladakh before May – and that too after checking if roads are open. No papers needed if you going to Leh first – you can get permits from there for other areas. Just keep extra woollens, water and food in the car always. You never know when you will get stuck. All the best for your journey.

  123. Hi Ajay,

    I have a very similar query to Deepak Chopra above and am pretty clear about the conditions, food etc. Just have two main concerns.
    Firstly, I am planning a trip in couple of weeks time with my friends, i.e. end feb to start march on a Hyundia i10. Do you think it is a good idea (it’ll be a little difficult to wait till june :). Secondly, the car is new (6-8mnths old only), so the same concern here about the damage.

    Any advice will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Amit Mangal

    • Hi Amit, new car is no problem. In fact it is better. But you cannot drive to Ladakh before late May. That too only after being sure the roads are open – timing varies based on weather conditions.

  124. Hi Ajay,
    Myslef with 10 friends are planning to Leh by road from Indore-MP on Royal Enfield in 3rd quarter of June. Ajay Pl. suggest the Manali to Leh where to take Night halts and also about Nulla crosses (water stream) for motor bikes. And more suggestions are also welcome.

    • I have already mentioned the night halts after Delhi Vijay. Not sure of the route from Indore to north India. 3rd week June is usually no problem for bikers also – there may be some places where you have to get off and pull your bike through water on the road. I have seen some people needing to do this in June July. But nothing worse than getting your shoes wet. All the best for your journey.

  125. im planning to make a trip to leh in early march.I know i cud get there only by air which im not keen to take.What is the other way to get there…I love adventure..pls advise

  126. I can’t or probably wouldn’t drive in India, for various reasons, any of you guys aware of any operators who provide a service to drive to Leh from Delhi on the above chosen/described route. Most likely coming to India end of May for a bit of sightseeing in ladakh, and trying to get some colleagues in India to join me too. Any contacts and names of potential operators would be useful, otherwise its a direct flight to leh, which may turn out to be boring.


  127. Hi all

    I was planning to travel from Delhi to Leh on rented bikes. I am 21 and working. I was looking for company. If anyone is interested, we can do it together. Any month from April-July is convenient. either email me on raghavmaheshwari7@gmail.com or just sms me on +91 9873984063. I ll get in touch with you.


    Best regards,

    • All the best for your bike journey Raghav. If anyone enquires about company for this trip, I will alert you too. In the meantime, you can keep checking the discussion thread here.

  128. Hi AJay/Every One

    Again the time has come 4 me start thinking for another trip to Leh.This time the journey would be more longer as am planning to visit Nubra,Alchi and Zansakar.So may be 20 days i am counting on.if any1 has any query just mail me..might be of some help..anshuldiehard@gmail.com

    Roads will be opening on 29th may..so leaving delhi on 27th may….I know You are not here but all my wishes for your great himalayan drive.

    “The land is so barren and the passes so high that only the best of friends or fiercest enemies would want to visit us”.

  129. Journey Of lifetime is back….Goin on 27th May….Route will be—-Delhi-Manali-Rohtang-Jispa-Upshi-Tso morriri-Karu-Pangong Lake-Leh-Nubra valley-Siachen-Zansakar-Alchi-kargil-batalik-drass-Srinagar-Patnitop-jammu-Jalandhar-Delhi….Phewww too long but m ready n excited….Yeaaahhh!!

  130. Hi
    Blog is a good. I’m Planning Bike trip to Leh this season (July-Aug).I have a Hunk from Hero Honda.Plan to start from delhi to manali leh and back the same route. I noticed raghav have posted a message for Company, soon i;m gona contact Raghav. Expect few more dude to come with, for a life tie journey.
    my contact is 09412678596
    mail id sagarsunilus@gmail.com
    anybody feel free to contact
    Sagar S

  131. Hi Deepak, Thanks. Alto is not exactly the car to take for such trips. But then again, being light and small it might be able ot navigate all obstacles. Go for it.

  132. Hi Ajay,
    I am from Delhi too. Well me and my friend have been contemplating doing Ladakh for a while now and i think we just might go for it this time. Would it be possible for us to get in touch with you so that we can meet and discuss how we should take this forward ?
    Waiting for a response !

  133. Hi Abhishek, Not sure if I answered this earlier but here goes:

    I cannot say anything about your bike as I never ride a bike. But on the face of it, there should not be a problem if it is well maintained and you service it before going. Leh should be about 850 km from Chandigarh. It will take 2-3 days to reach there. You could come back in 2 days if you drive a lot on day 2. But I guess a bike will take longer than a car hence provision for 3 days. If 6 days are spent driving, that will not leave you much time to go to all the attractions. You may need to plan for longer than 7 days.

  134. hi,

    i just wanted to know, when it is possible to go by bike
    which one is convinient BIKE or CAR
    in which month the whether is good.

    Deepak Bisht

  135. Hi Ajay,

    I am planning to go to Leh-Ladak will it be a better idea to go there in May End .please tell me what precaution we have to take as it is too hot in Gurgaon still we have to carry woolens and can you guide us which will be the best route so that we are not stuck ,like where we can stay we will be 5 friends and 2 of us can drive.hope for the reply.


  136. Will fiat Palio be fit for journey? I, my wife and daughter will be traveling from Delhi. Or shall we look for a bigger vehicle with better ground clearance? As I am sole driver so will whole trip last for 10 days if spent leisurely with 2 days stay at Ladakh. Do we have to follow same route while coming back or is there any other way. Kindly suggest.

  137. Hi Ajay

    Please let me know what else do i need to take care apart from wolen clots and fuel tank
    Will Scorpio be good enough to go on.


  138. Hey,
    thanks a ton……
    really a great article.
    It should be helpful to me to a great extent.

    Only query i had was about cost of the whole trip!
    If u can post approx cost of the whole road trip from delhi-leh-delhi, i’d be very grateful!

  139. hi,

    I am planning to go with my wife and freinds to ladhak by road.

    Plsssssss can you mail some good guide..,…road map ..or distance
    where can we take a holt and the other necessities


  140. Hi Ajay

    Have changed my route…now going on leh-manali highway till moray plains,from there route will be tso kar-karzok-tso moriri-chushul-pangong tso-wari la-nubra-leh…d nly problem is of fuel…hope i resolve it sumhw.

  141. Hi Gopal, Like I have mentioned elsewhere on my blog, costs are very difficult to determine. There are too many variables: mode of transport, hotels, meals, days to be spent, places you want to cover etc. Wish I could help here.

  142. Hi everyone,
    i will be covering Delhi 2 Ladakh in 12 hours……….any suggestions …..most welcome… waiting friends indeed before i hit the road. tentative : 01 Aug if all goes well.

  143. Hi…its was real beneficial information…I’am from hyd…planning to go to leh ladakh in july…how long will it take to reach Ley from Manali…also the complete trip (hyd-delhi-Shimla-Manali-Leh-Ladakh-Shimla-Delhi-Hyd) in 10 days…is it possible to cover evrything…

    Planning to reach Delhi by train and then take a bus to Shimla/Manali…and reach Leh by cab…suggest a best way to complete the trip

  144. Hi,

    Want to do Manali-Leh in late Aug…..wanna know if its a good time of the year
    Will Innova be the right choice for us
    How many days we should have incl acclimatization,sight seeing and travel to & from from Delhi.

  145. Hi Myra, You can read this post to give you an idea of the itinerary you can plan:rnrnhttp://kunzum.com/2009/05/16/itinerary-10-days-in-ladakh-by-road/rnrnAnd the following post will give you an idea of the distances from Delhi. Can’t say how long Hyd – Del will take, but info after this given.rnrnhttp://kunzum.com/2008/08/02/driving-from-delhi-to-leh-ladakh/

  146. Hi.rnI want to go Leh from Ajmer (Rajasthan) on my Royal Enfield 350 Motorcycle.rnHave you any suggestion for Ajmer-Leh route and for some other problems .rnNilay

  147. I live in Hyderabad.rnI want to go to Leh by road in August 201o with my wife and twin kids who are 4 year old. Kids are too young but I cannot leave them with anyone hence I will have to take them with me. Plan to halt for two days at Jispa/ Sarchu to acclimatize. Is this okay? Any extra precautions that I need ?rnrnCan I book hotels in Jispa, Sarchu, Leh on net? Any website that you would recommend?

  148. Hi Guys I am Hemant Aka HemyrnPease help me with my query. I have "Bajaj Avenger 180 cc Bike" Which ran 16000 Km so far and i want to visit ladakh with my bike so is it ok and what kind of precoution should take……… Please do let me know…………… My E-mail address is Hemmy4u@yahoo.in

  149. Hi Guys I am Hemant Aka HemyrnPease help me with my query. I have "Bajaj Avenger 180 cc Bike" Which ran 16000 Km so far and i want to visit ladakh with my bike so is it ok and what kind of precoution should take……… Please do let me know…………… My E-mail address is Hemmy4u@yahoo.inrnrnHey Ajay cud you please help me with that……… :)

  150. Hi Guys I am Hemant Aka HemyrnPease help me with my query. I have "Bajaj Avenger 180 cc Bike" Which ran 16000 Km so far and i want to visit ladakh with my bike so is it ok and what kind of precoution should take……… Please do let me know…………… My E-mail address is Hemmy4u@yahoo.in…….. He Ajay Cud You please help me………… 😀

  151. Hi rnMy wife n myself are planning on trip from Chandigarh to Ladakh on bike around the third wk of july.. it is just the 2 of us… what do u suggets, should we go ahead in hope of meeting fellow bikers along the way or not?? Please advise.

  152. Hi Hemant,

    I am not an expert on bikes but if it is in good shape, you should not have a problem with it. Make sure you always have enough water, some food, extra woolens, extra fuel (if need be) and a puncture kit. You should be fine otherwise.

  153. Hi Ajay,rncould we (04) go to ladakh from Delhi by i10 (1200cc). If car breakdown on the way from manali to ladakh, what is the option, i dont know about repairing of car. you adv pls.

  154. Hi,

    I am not sure what the options are in case of a breakdown. That is my biggest fear too. But do carry a strong tow rope with you – even when someone is pulling to tug you, they may not have a rope. You have a lot of passing trucks and cars – can always hitch a ride if there are not too many of you and come back with help. Not much of a help here I suppose.

    Not much of a help here I suppose.

  155. Hi Ajay,rnrnIs it possible to cover del-lad-del in 4 and a half day.rnMe and my friends are fond of spending time on road and travelling new places rather than the destenation…rnWill i10 be good option to move on…It is 6 months old.rnPlease let me know.rnrnThanks.

  156. hi,i wanted 2 know abt d cellphone network?does network remains intact in Leh Ladakh or it fails?my parents get worried if i dont contact them………

  157. Hi,rn I have a Pulsar 180 and I want to go to Leh (Khardung La). Will it be possible to reach there with my bike? what do you think about carring a Tent? And please let me know which is the right time for the trip? what kind of Precautions need to be taken?

  158. Hey Ajay.. thanks a lot for such a wonderful description i have gone through the comments.. but i am planning to go in the month of July around 20th.. and thinking to come back by 26th max..rnrni have alto.. i know its my good vehicle.. i have been to gulmarg, shirdi, shimla, etc by road..rnrnI would appreciate if you can just let me know that is July a good time to visit Leh. ?

  159. Hi Sanju,

    Mobiles work in Leh and Kargil. Here too the network can be erratic at times. But it does not work in most other places in Ladakh – at best BSNL in some place.

    Look forward to seeing you on Kunzum more often.


  160. Hi Debajit,

    I am not a biker but should not be a problem with your bike. You can always crash in dhabas set up along the way or could carry your tent. Best to go July – August but June / Sep are also do-able. Ensure you always have extra woolens,water and food should you get stranded.

    Look forward to seeing you on Kunzum more often.


  161. Hi Ajay,rnrnI and my friend are planning to go to Leh driving via Manali leaving on July 09, 2010. We can either go by Maruti-Swift or Getz. Are these cars suitable for driving upto Leh?rnrnRegards,rnVikas

  162. @vikas sehgalrnno problem bro my frnds went there in santro last week only both are quite suitable cars for dere

  163. hey is this the rite time to go . as in .. arent there landslides n stuff blocking the way coz of the rain or smth ! .. i mean is it feasible to go now! n how many days to keep in hand for the whole round trip starting from delhi

  164. i m planning to go to leh ladakh on bike… pulsar 220…rnrnis 20 th august right time to go..rnhw much time will it take for delhi- ladakh- delhi..rn places to halt??rnrnany other valuable tip…

  165. Hi,rn We friends are planning to go to ladakh from delhi by road on motorbikes,can you please suggest which is the best month to travel and what are the neccessary precaution to be taken.

  166. Hey Guys, Me & some my frens are planning to go Leh & Ladakh by car….. Just tell us ,,which car is suitable for this tour. I have Safari & Innova… please suggest.

  167. We are planning to visit Leh by Swift Dzire. Ijust want to know that is this the right time to go .because landslides might occur there !!!!

  168. hey plz tell me we r planing to go leh on motorbikes,can you please suggest which is the best month to travel and what are the neccessary precaution to be taken……………….but we r planing to go in mounth of qctober (may be in 1 weak)……………….

  169. Hi Ritik, I am not sure if the roads will be open in October. Precautions are the usual: Carry extra fuel, food, woollens, medicines, water and puncture kit. All the best.

  170. People who went to LEY, can u plz tell me like what kind of difficulty a biker can get and how to prevent and solve the problems. No matter what kind of problem it may be, Any kind of suggestion would help me . Hope for help … thnks


  172. hi friend.rnrnheard lot but leh..feel lik goin dere by road.rnrncn sum1 suggest me the right tyme,good hotels,whether in dec., crowd n prefrable car.rnrnTHANKSrnrnVARUN BHALLA

  173. Want to visit Laddakh by road which is the best time to visit and what car would be the most suitable for journer we are only 4 guys….


  175. Hi, i m nitin from delhi, i am planing to go ladakh on bike with my club members. if anybody go with us pls mail me (you must have a bike minimum 150cc.

  176. Let me know if anybody planning for Leh-Ladakh this June-July by road.. We all can plan on together.. What’s say guys??? Definitely it will be the Adventure and Trip of Life…
    Can contact me through email: bhagyesh.love.s@gmail.com
    Or can call me on 9819161951 & 9892332190.

  177. hello gyz. aap log sirf puchte hi jaoge to jaoge kab. hum to ja rahe hai meri lencer pe. aage ki aage jakar dekhnge ge.agr yuhin sochkar jana hai masti kar ke to masti kaise karoge jao or ghumkar aao shayad hum bhi aap logo ko mil jaye. name hai varun chhabra or main punjabi hu meri pass white clr ki lencer hai.

  178. I want to know wether a Dzire will be able to make it up there or you would need only a SUV to fulfill your driving dream.

  179. By motorcycle
    The road from Manali to Leh is often known as a Biker’s Paradise. Bikes (motorcycles) are available for rent at Manali. A popular place is Hardev Motors – located behind the Private Bus Parking Ground. Also Into Himalayas, near Manali mall road is a great place for bikes, especially Enfields.

    When biking to Leh it is advisable to travel at a slow pace to allow acclimatization. A suggested itinerary is: Day 1 Manali – Jispa (110 km; 68 mi), Day 2 Jispa – Pang (130 km; 81 mi), and Day 3 Pang -Leh (130 km; 81 mi). Essential supplies include: puncture repair kit, spare clutch cables and some good carriers (to hold luggage). The next bike workshop after Manali is Keylong (110 km; 68 mi) and then at Leh (400 km; 249 mi).

  180. There are two roads in to Leh, one from Manali in Himachal Pradesh in the south, and one from Srinagar in the west. Both routes are equally spectacular in different ways, and both are time consuming with winding, narrow roads, and numerous military checkpoints.

    The main advantage of taking the road from Srinagar, covering a distance of 434 km (270 mi), is that it runs at a lower altitude, and thereby reduces the risk and severity of altitude sickness. It is also open longer – normally from the beginning of June to October – and follows the traditional trade route between Ladakh and Kashmir, which passes through many picturesque villages and farmlands. The disadvantage is that it passes through areas of higher risk of militant troubles. It takes two long days, with an overnight stop in Kargil. Tickets cost Rupees 370/470 on ordinary/deluxe buses.

    The route from Manali to Leh, covering a distance of 473 km (294 mi), is one more commonly taken by tourists. It takes two days, normally with an overnight stop either in Kyelong (alt. 3096) or in tent accommodation in Sarchu (4253) or Pang (4500). Making the first stop in Keylong drastically reduces the risk of altitude sickness (AMS). It traverses one of the highest road passes in the world and is surrounded by wild rugged mountains. The scenery is fantastic, though it is definitely not for the faint hearted. This historical trade route was linked to Yarkhand and was severed by the India-China war in 1962, and later was transformed in to military supply road. Reliable access is limited from mid-June to end-September, as it is blocked by snow for rest of the year.

    Clearing of snow on both these roads starts sometime in early April. Once the whole road is cleared of snow and has been opened for public transport, this is announced at:

  181. Hi i am planning to go to leh by road. Can u suggest that what accessaries should i take along with me so that journey will be comfortable. I am going with my wife(is it advisable or not).
    Medical aids are available or not.

  182. i am planning to go by the end of may.is there needed permission to go leh via manali by road?if so ,pls tell me,where it is available?

  183. i going on toyota land rover which is more money than q5.
    bye bye.
    look for u in ludhak.
    telephone me 9911027757

  184. the article was a nice one …can u advise me regarding the luggage and accomodation and also the medicines to take on the trip…i will be going from delhi to leh within next week

  185. 1.I like go to leh in Fiat Punto.pls advice road condition.
    2.Shoud i need any extra document for stay in leh.
    3.I have kids with me,What medicion shoud i take for safty.
    4.Which road shoud i take,Srinagar or manali.
    5.I also have pet with me,She is having travelling experiance of about 20,000 km including rohtang and manali many times,Shall i take her for leh ?

  186. My dear friend I have completed the trip of delhi to leh ladakh on my luna i am deadly serious pls belive me its true

  187. i m planing for delhi to leh by bike yamaha R15 in july 2011. if any biker wanna join to me for leh pls call me 9910353503

  188. i m planing for delhi to leh by bike fz yamaha in auguest 2011. if any biker wanna join to me for leh pls call me 7827494264..

  189. Hi, Planning for leh in the month of August. Which Bike will better to travel. A Royal Enfield or a Yamaha for the high attitude areas?? call me @ 9899969389 in case for a group departure.

  190. HI atul… i m also planning to go lah with my bike.. we 4 6 people. we also hv yahama fz… if u like, u cn join us… in the mid of august. my no is 9024208535

  191. hi all of u atul,pradeep,dheeraj and siddarth,,,,,,,i m also wnt 2 go in this heaven i m frm delhi ,,,i hve honda stunner i know this is nt comfrtable to go this ride ,,,,,if any 1 of u hve the free seat in ur or any 1 of bike can i join u ,,,,,but plsssssss. tell me the how much amt i hve carry with me,,,,,i m nt came on internet regularly so plssssssss. call me on 9810803096 if u wanna tke me at that place . thankx ,. b bye

  192. Hey Ishant,

    Boss, What abt the free in this tour?? Is it possible to get the trip from delhi – leh free of the cost in India??

  193. Sup guyz..?
    M goin to Leh in last of august..
    In any case i will b travelling riding ma Eliminator..
    Yet m goin alone..
    It would b better n mo fun to b accompanied by other bikers..
    N plan according to camp in raw..!
    hv fun..
    ring me-9013453040, Delhi

  194. Hey guys i am also planning to go there in starting sep…. if any one wanna join me call me @ 9996317044, 9811311821. i have Pulser 180. and can anyone tell me is sep good to go there…???

  195. I like to drive punto(fiat) to leh via rohtang but ground cleance is low,Even i drive 2 two time Alto to Rohtang,And even delhi to kanya Kumari last month,Pls help me with road condition from rohtang to leh.

  196. heya guyz..m planning for my trip leh trip in sept. mid,m from lucknow and have a RE,but i guess a road trip right from lucknow will be a little too much for me….so i wanna suggestn tht is there any place whr we can rent a bike fr this trip near delhi or manali mayb….

  197. hi frnds we in group of four also planned to leave 4 leh from delhi in mid aug. if interested to join us plz call 8469981246

  198. Hi, want to know the current road. Condition near kullu and manali after the cloud burst. Can anyone help me out.


  199. I am planning to go from Delhi to leh on 2nd oct2011 by Wagon- R.Can anyone suggest me precautions and road conditions

  200. i go by my scooter in rohtang in 2011 august i enjoy it .my next plan is going to leh in next year2012 by bike fz or scooter

  201. Hi. We are planning to drive (Tata Safari) from Delhi to Leh in 1st week of October. We’ll go via Manali-Rohtang & will come back via Kargil Srinigar.

    Is this a good time to drive?

  202. hey friends…. m leaving tomorrow for leh and ladhak…. in early morning at 3 am…. we r 4-6 friends… i personally have bajaj avenger(200)… nd we have one pulsar(180) and one fzs…. anyone interested do call me till tomorrow anytime before we leave… it would b a pleasure riding with more people… thanks… Naren(9540844128)

  203. I plan to drive down to leh from delhi in my linea. would like to know road conditions from manali to leh and from leh to delhi via kargil and srinagar.

  204. i m goinn to manali-leh in 1st week of oct any who is interested can join me, on bike . “09466024422”.
    SAMEER road conditions from manali to leh for linea is not good .you may lost some parts of ur linea like bumpers , silencers , fuel pipings etc,

    CHIRAG, this is the best time, the sky is blue n that is enough for this route.
    anyone can take advice or suggestions from me “09466024422”

  205. Ladakh has 9 months of winter and 3 months of summer, so best time to visit Leh-Ladakh is in the summer and that is from June to September.
    thats why i am planing to go with my bike (thuderbird) in month of june 2012, if any biker wanna join to me for leh pls mail me or share their view.. pandeymail@hotmail.com.

  206. My name is Jasvinder Singh, I want to visit Leh and Ladakh on my bike (bullet 350). I am planning to visit hemkund shahib and leh ladakh between June to September. I can join you but I have some question, how many people are going with you and are you taking any bike mechanic with you, what will be the cost of trip, have you ever been to leh and ladakh. my contant no is 9899989850 you also write to me jasvinder.narula@ge.com or jasvinder.nirula@gmail.com

  207. our midnight club2 is ready for his his next tour from delhi to laddakh if any one want to join us plz cntct Mr.Athar Raza-7503606064 or Mr.Arshad Ali-9999891410 or Mr.Javed Khan-9911085250

  208. Dear jasvinder,
    i never visited to leh_ladakh before .but i am planning so.presently i am alone , hopefully few my friends will confirm soon.
    and the same will inform you through this post.
    my no- 09311488803- maild- pandeymail@hotmail.com


  209. Hi, Planning for leh . Which Bike will better to travel. A Royal Enfield 350cc or a Yamaha for the high attitude areas?? call me @ 09959016610 in case for a group departure. please suggest me(tell me).

  210. Planning to travel from Delhi to leh to ladhak by car, is there any specific driving license require ? What type of other permits require ?

  211. Hi Friends….

    I am planning to go to Leh by road on my bike(Pulsar 150CC Make August 2005) sometime around mid june or july 2012 starting… Anyone interested joining me on his bike can contact me @ 09582477345.. I am following Manali-Leh Highway for onward journey and return journey will be through Leh-Srinagar Highway and tour time will be approx of 12-15 days….

  212. Can, Anybody tell me how to do delhi to Laddakh by bus, Or which is best idea for going to there. any month there road is be blocked? or 12 month open road.
    u can call me. My planning is in feb’2012 mid.

  213. Hey ! we are 8 members group going to ladakh in 4 bikes out of two which are PULSAR 150 n rest two Royal enfields..
    will pulsar be a good option to ladakh???
    N guys plz do share some of d DO’s N DONT’s for trip to ladakh???

  214. Hello Guyz, Lamba Rock Riders organised Great Himalayan Exploration Tours from last 4 years which is almost cover 21 days. Tour is purely customised as per the Safety & Comfort. Group departure with the experience Mechanic (Who take care of your Bike] & the Tour Leader (who escort you through all the journey]. Bikes are also available on hire basis. Next tour is going to be start from 4th June, 2O12. Call @ 9899969389 for joining the group.

  215. I intend to travel delhi manali leh on my 7 yr.old bajaj caliber 115, in Aug.2012. I am 55 yrs. old. Anyone, willing to join me on his bike, is welcomed.Also, valued suggestions will bwmost welcomed.

  216. Hi

    We are planning to reach Leh in Mid May or June early next year.

    First of all –

    1)We will be planning a Road Trip.

    2)We are not plannning to take the Srinagar route but the route that you mentioned is good.Only thing is i am not sure all of us will be interested in camping at Jispa but rather find some hut at some other place or a cottage even if possible though personally i have been on many treks and am not averse to sleeping in a tent and sleeping bags.

    We can get to Shimla and Hire a car there.Wat would be the best car in these rough terrains?I assume a good 4×4 and a great Driver who knows the conditions we would be driving into would be enough with enough spare parts :-).

    What is the cost involved for a 10 day journey by car and where should we halt.
    Should we take a Guide with us or just chart our own trip?

    Any Suggestions would worth gold here.

  217. Hi every one and happy new year…….
    Can anyone suggest me….i am planning to drive in swift from delhi to khardung la…..bcs i don’t have suv car….so is possible to drive in swift from delhi to leh?

    please reply me….

  218. hi
    Plz suggest which small car is better to go to leh by road, I have santro and toyota etios, plz suggest which woulb better option

  219. Hello friends this is wangyal ( Taikondo) all the people who like tour at ladakh by road with your own vechel that well be great experince of your journey so most wel come beautiful mountains road and desart land of ladakh.

  220. We are around 10-12 friends planning to go to leh ladakh…and we are planning a raod trip by bikes (bullets)…can anyone suggest if we can get good bikes from nanali or somewhere because before that we would be travelling by Cars and after himachal we would travel by bikes…so please suggest that would it be good to travel by bullets or not..Thank you..

  221. hi, i read your information. it was quite helpfull. I am planning to travel on bike with my friends. Can you tell me whether we should carry tents or there are places to stay at night and also approx. how much the tour cost.

  222. Hi Ajay,
    First of all, thank you for such a great resource, such well written and detailed articles. Your posts have helped me immensely in planning my road trip to laddakh.
    I’m planning a road trip to laddakh in august. I love the delhi-manali route and have made the trip to manali from lucknow twice now but have never ventured beyond rohtang.
    This time round I want to drive all the way to leh and your posts have been a great help in planning this trip.
    What I need to know is whether I should book hotels/tents for places like jispa/sarchu/keylong or even leh itself or am I likely to find them upon reaching there? Can you recommend some places to stay at any/all of these places?
    I will try to visit your cafe before leaving for laddakh, but just in case I don’t make it…please accept my thanks for the help you have already provided…Cheers:-)

  223. I am planning to travel on bikes with my 3 friends. Can you tell me whether we should carry tents or there are places to stay at night and also approx. how much the tour cost. And also which is most preferable time to plan this tour.

  224. planned to visit amritsar to ladakh. plz suggest the route plane, sight seen,hotels,car fair from delhi-amritsar-ladakh. we are 6 persons,what is the per head cost.total days totake up.
    thankig you
    aloke naskar

  225. Hi,

    I am planing for a trip to Leh from Delhi in August. Could you let me know if this good time to do this trip. Also kindly send me a routing brief Itinery where to Stop for accomadation,Petrol station etc.from Delhi to Leh. Whats the weather at that time. If some one likes to join with us most welcome.Also looking for a SUV for rent to drive from Delhi to Leh. Thanks John Johnson

  226. hello bhaiyya.
    i am planning to visit leh from lucknow via manali leh road.
    we are 3 freinds and we are planning to visit by bike, pls suggest me the idea tarrif of cheap hotels in leh.
    and also inform that we have Pulsor 135 LS & Honda Splendor Plus.. is this good vehicle’s for our journey?

  227. Hi i am planning to go leh ladakh in the last week of April on my bullet.
    Is it the right time. As i have time only till 7th May.

    Also is there any suggestion when i am going on byk sply bullet.

    • Hi Parth, I don’t think the roads will open before late May or early June. But this can change depending on the weather. But I have not heard of the roads opening before mid-May for sure. Have a great trip.


  229. Hi!!! Pls suggest will it be possible to go to leh ladakh in Oct first week.
    And which car would be best i m having Tototo etios and maruti ertiga…

  230. Hi All

    I am preparing for this trip to Leh region on Motorbike in summer of 2012 (mostly between June – July 2012. I will be starting from Delhi region and the route would be

    Delhi – Chandigarh – Manali – Leh – Kargil – Srinagar – Jammu – Delhi

    Please let me know if you are interested or would be around during that time. I will post updates as I make progress about details.

    Bharat singh
    contact no 9818651245, 9868465180

  231. Hi,

    Please suggest if I can go to leh by Hyundai i10 driving myself with my one friend. I am planning to go sometime in June end.


  232. HI guys… nice report… i would like to share my experience.

    we didnt have the luxury of ample time so we had to drive drive and drive… Its quite unbelievable drive but it was worth it… We started from gurgaon at 6:00 p.m. and reached manali in morning 7:00a.m. After a short tea break we headed off to sarchu. Our first pit stop was in sarchu but our Innova got stuck just 12 kms before sarchu and it was 7:30 p.m. After an hour of trying in almost freezing water we managed to get the car out and stayed that night in sarchu. It was 26 hrs in innova and then who feels the altitude… My advise, if you are staying one night in manali, start early say arount 4:30 a.m. to avoid traffic upto rohtang (i remember it took about 6 hrs because of landslide and traffic jam for us to cross rohtang pass)….

    Finally started from sarchu in morning 6:00 and reached leh in 12 hrs… While returning we started from leh at 2:00 a.m. and reached manali same day at 9:00 p.m.

    I am planning this year on My thunderbird this year…

  233. hi..i jst wna ask tat i hv skoda laura n i ws planning a trip to leh frm delhi..is the car fine fr such along drive??

  234. Hi there…. We are plan in for a drive to len ladakh…. Can anyone suggest which month would be good for ride

    … As we are planning for the month of Feb

    … But seeing some comments it says august…..can we plan for mid Feb????

  235. Hi Guys,
    Please advise. I am planning to visit Leh in month of June. Can I travel Manali to Leh in One day asi i will be going via my SUV-Scorpio? If yes then at what time should I start from Manali? and if not then where to stay in the route from Manali to Leh?


  236. hi,
    can anyon please tell me whether you can make the delhi- leh trip in a maruti swift nd whethr you cn stay in your wntents along the way. What r the places which r a must visit from leh

  237. Hi All,
    I am planning to go to Leh in coming week by my SUV-Scorpio. I have some quesries if some one can answer then it will be great.
    1. Let me know from where I have to take permission in Manali to visit Leh.

    2. If I stayed @ Jispa then @ what time i should start next day so that I can reach to leh by evening time.

    3. Any specific care which I need to taek care for my 2 young kids having an age of 3 and 6 years?

    Thanks for your Advises.


  238. hi, planning a trip to ladak,really telling u all its a life time experience lots of natural beauties, adventure,excitement nd lots more. But for al ths u hd to b well prepared to go further from manali..coz if u stuck after tht it can be a nightmare for u. we hd been 3 frndz n were on our fortuner…..nd tht main things u do bfor starting th trip is we hd tank ful our car….nd another 50 ltr can.of desiel for further use….another 30 ltrs of water can for washing n other use….a light torch, medicine like asprine, eno, gulocose d, crocine is must coz we r new to th enviorment n we need it. lots of food and water. We had electric kettel which run thru car charger for making hot tea…..hard drinks also. And last a nice camera to click photos….bt ironically we used it less……………..happy journey and drive safe.

  239. Dear Sir,
    You have described the journey in very proper style. Congrats to you for that.
    I have a Toyota Corolla Altis & a Honda City i-vtec. Can we go to Leh – Ladakh from Mumbai with either of the car ? If yes, fine , if not, please suggest whether Innova will do or a specially 4WD is needed.

  240. Hey dude its was vry nice info.
    and according to that we are plaaning for the same but we have do not have any idea of budget…
    please reply would really appriciate.


  241. Hi Ajay ,
    nice to see your blogs ,it was really a helpful thoughts by you ,me with my frnds are planing to go leh in august for the first time with car , plzz sugest places to look around .

  242. Hi John,

    Did you work on your plan?
    Here is me, wishing to join the Leh Road trip in August.
    Please let me know the dates.

  243. Hi there, thanks for your wonderful info, I’m planning to visit ladakh next june, please let me know if maruti Astar petrol / tata indigo diesel can ply till there.

  244. we are planing to go leh ladakh by riding bike so please suggest us that on which month we all should go , if any group is planing to go .

  245. HI, this is siddarth. I’m planning to have a trip via road from Delhi to Ladakh with 5 of my friends. We have got a bikes(bullets). Can u please tell me whether it would be safe(or comfortable) to travel by bike or should we prefer a Car..?
    And what is the total road condition..? Should we take tents with us or we can get a motel or something like that for night stays..?
    Please advice.

  246. hi.
    I am planing to go gurgaon to leh ladakh june or july on bike..i have royal enfld 350 clasc.i havent idea about road and leh.so i want to join any group or some bikers …my no is 09971791455 plz drop me sms if am not able to pik your call.

  247. i am planning to visit Leh in the month of Mid June by taxi innova or tavera. is it right time & right vehicle to go there. also i am going along with my wife and two kids aged 12 years & 8 years, is it safe with the kids. No health / breath problem?

  248. Hello, ajay

    We’r planning to go leh, laddakh from delhi, we’r 4 guys with 2 bikes pulsar220 and new r15 is this suitable to do so? Leave us some guide lines for this road trip.. we’r so damn excited for this.. guide us completely..

  249. And yeah 1 thing more we’r college students so want to know a round about budget for 15 days trip including driving of both sides..

  250. Hi Ajay,
    the way you have guide to plan a journery for Leh Ladhak has not only motivated me but also has made me double sure that i will head for this journey…

    need more tips where i need to be carefull.

    akshay vohra
    new delhi..

  251. Hi Ajay…I want to go to Leh and Tso Moriri by driving. I have a ford fiesta…and people are saying I can not take such sedans to Leh…or may be you have to keep it somewhere in Manali or so. If not my car..can i get any option there to drive self?

  252. hi there guys,lovely tips,precautions,as mentioned above,i travelled ladak three times on my machine called bullet.i wan to say if u are travelling on bike pls dont ever wear sandals,chappals.instead wear good quality steel toes.see if u r injurd u ar as bad as ded.there s limited medical help,

  253. we are going from amritsar to leh via bullets 350 cc..4 beople 4 bikes.other bikers can accompany us for more fun from sri nagar…number is 09872621670

  254. i want to travel by road in my own car ( Maruti Estilo) to leh in the month of june (2nd week) so is it advisable to travel in the small car.Please suggest.

  255. Hello,how are you , im ravi planning to go leh by road, any body interested, in the same pls feel free to contavt me at 9716416319. presently im staying in greater noida.luking forward to hear, tc

  256. Hi Ajay I have visited manali four times but never beyond Rohtang pass,this year im planning to go leh by my Hyundai Verna.now my question is that Hyundai Verna can make up to leh ? As I don’t know the road conditions but I can drive anywhere if there is a road .plz help me as I don’t have any SUV.im planning my tour with in 3-4 days and a early response will be very helpful .

  257. HI Guys i see here that there are lot of people who want to join groups, and i am looking for members for my Royal Enfield group, please contact me on my email if interested…
    My email is prarthiawesome@gmail.com … .. .. .. looking for quick group formation. So please hurry….Thanks

  258. hi m want to go to ladakh this august on bullet 350, give me some sugetion about time period budget and other requirement.

  259. Hi All,

    I am going to Leh from last 2 years- regularly in my Msucular Scorpio with my wife and my 2 young Kids- one is 7 year and one is 4 year old.

    What I do is as below.

    1. Start from Delhi in Evening and stay in Chandigarh.
    2. Very Next morning start from Chandigarh and reach Manali late night- Have dinner and relax.
    3. Next day get Permission from Manali SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate). You need to take SDM permission if you are going by your own vehicle to Leh. After taking permission take some Fruits, Foot Pump (for your vehicle if it gets flat tyre) and get your Vehicle Tank Full from Petrol Pump- Fortunately Credit Card works here. In evening, enjoy Mall Road, have early Dinner and get to bed.
    4. Next early morning start from Manali, enjoy Rohtang and then you can stay either in Keylong or in Jispa- NEVER advisable to stay in Serchu. Because if you are not from hill area then please ensure that you stay some time in Keylong or in Jispa to get your body used to of high altitude. There are very high risks to become victim of AMS (Acute mountain sickness).
    5. Next day start from Keylong or Jispa and head to Leh. Drive early- by 5 Am so that you can reach to LEH by 5 PM.

    Ensure that during your journey, Eat Less Oily food, drink LOTs and LOTs of Water and have one medicine ready with you and that is called DIAMOX. Remember that you are going to World’s second highest Motorable Road so DIAMOX is the only medicine which cures. There is another remedy which LADAKHI people used to have (desi Nuskha) and trust me it is very effective. Desi NUSKHA is to have Garlic in your mouth and chew eat slowly. Last year, I was the only driver who was driving whole way from Delhi to Leh and AMS caught me in just before Thanglangla. I stayed for TEA with my wife and 2 my young Kids (7 years and 4 years) and I told to an old Laddakhi lady that I am having severe headache and she told me this NUSKHA. It was so much effective that my Headache has gone instantly…. GOD Bless that Old Lady…

    It is an amazing Journey or I would say the AMAZING Journey I had.

    I had also travelled in US from Los Angeles to SAN FRANCISCO but this Drive is more pleasurable than which I had in US.

    Let me know if someone needs any other info and I can share more on it.

    Thanks and Best Regards
    Mithlesh Kaushik

  260. Hi All,
    A common question which everyone ask is what kind of car we can take it to Leh via Manali??

    Answer is: Better to have SUV like SCORPIO, XYLO, INNOVA, Quanto, Thar, Fortuner, Pajero, Rexton,Sumo, Safari, Travera, Grand Vitara etc… but if you don’t have these options then any or every car would be a risky affair…. Verna, Estilo, Etios etc. These can be good for flat roads but not for LEH ROAD, you are going to LEH and not in Delhi’s flat road- MIND it.
    Roads are as bumpy as you can imagine. At some places road holes are of 1 to 2 feet depth too. A very steep road with breathtaking curves so drive very very carefully and respect the vehicle which is coming uphill side. Last year, I saw that one ALTO was going to Leh and this Year I saw that one SWIFT was running to Leh.

    But that is a risk you are taking @ your own. If you have family with you (like I had with me during my journeys to Leh) then better to be Safe and hire some SUVs but if that option is not there and you have to drive by your own cars then go in groups- A group of 2-3 vehicles so that if you have a problem then you should be having mentally as well as physically support to tackle the situation. This is road where you don’t have a petrol pump in 200 KM stretch then don’t expect a luxury to have Road side mechanic to repair your cars. In last, be ready to spend 15-20K on your vehicle service post you come back from the Trip..

    Enjoy this Trip.. It is a place where it attracts you to come back every year..

    Mithlesh Kaushik

  261. Hi Mithilesh,

    It is very nice guidelines, can u tell me how long it will take for round trip from delhi to ladakh.
    Thanks in advance,

  262. Hi Raghu,

    From Delhi to Chandigarh- 5 hours (including 1 hour break)
    Chandigarh to Manali- 10 Hours (including 1 and half hour break)
    Manali to Keylong ( 8 hours- depending on the traffic @ Rohtaang Pass)

    Keylong to Leh (12-14 hours including 1 hour break for photography).

    From Manali to Keylong and Keylong to Leh- Drive very carefully as the real fun and scary road starts from here. Have confidence, check your vehicles from all angels and then enjoy the world’s most amazing road at some places you will feel that this is not India but something like Scotland’s snow hills…..

    One ADVISE: Always respect vehicles who are driving uphill side.. give them way….

    Mithlesh Kaushik

  263. Hi Friends, I had already done to Leh with Maruti Alto in 2009 in the month of Sept.In my opinion , it is advisible to complete the Manali to Leh in a single day or 2 at the maximum.Pls remember that those who are chain smokers should avoid this route.Garlic & hot drinking water is a must.

  264. Guyz I am planing my trip to Leh on my Yamaha FZ. My plan is for next year. Can any1 temme is it fine on Yamaha FZ or shud I opt for pulsar or bullet (Though I dnt hve these bikes)

  265. Hi, This is mansoor and i am planning to go on a road trip to Leh via my Bajaj Avenger 220. Is this advisable or shall i take a bullet 350. Also please advise if October first week is ok for journey as per the climate.

  266. Guyz , i akshat planning to go leh by my pulsar 200ns it is good or not.. plz advice me , and one more thing how much fuel it will be take in whole journey..i started my journey by delhi ..

  267. guys im leaving to leh via manali by my bike 200 ns in 2nd week of September, tell me if its a suitable time to go there by bike or do i have to wait for next year summer’s trip?

  268. hi, can u tell me what is the best time for travel, as i not live in india, but for holiday in Feb. i’ll come to india, so it’s that time suitable or any other tiem. pleae inform me.

  269. can i go to leh on 1 week of nov via road .. and which one of the route is best for me from delhi .. during nov 1 week …p;zz suggest me..

  270. hi, we are planning to do Leh in a Hyundai I20…Apart from the risk part is there anything which cars like ours can’t do…suggestions please..

  271. can i go to leh on 1 week of jan via road .. and which one of the route is best for me from delhi .. during jan1 week …p;zz suggest me..

  272. hi sir i am sahil mathur so i contact you please suggest to me i go to leh jan month one week so i drive from delhi to leh on road ,

  273. Hi,
    I am planning a road trip of 9 Days from Delhi to Leh via Manali and return to Delhi via Jammu.
    Can someone suggest the best route plan including night halt places.

  274. Delhi to leh by road my car ford indawer muje bahut acha laga leh me har saal leh jaunga this is very beauti full city leh me gurgaon se my cont 9999929897 Deepak Sharma from Gurgaon south city 2 Sohna Road

  275. Hi Guys….I am planning Delhi-Leh Trip by Road with my family. I shall be driving my Hyundai I20 Car. So for a quick one….(1) is this the best time to visit Leh. (2) Which is the best route Delhi-Manali-Leh or Delhi-Jammu-Leh. (3) Any other comments we need to adhere to while on this trip

  276. Hi
    I am planning to go to leh on my Bullet Electra.
    Can any one suggest

    1. Single person should ride bullet or two is Ok.
    2. What should we carry with us when we are going in a group of 4.

  277. Hi All,
    Any family person planning to go Leg this June? I am going for my 3rd consecutive trip this year….with my family.

  278. planning a trip (4 adults) to leh including pangong lake in month of july.for me travel by road or air both is fine.pl. give max. no: of days required from delhi to delhi in both travel modes and also estimated cost for both types. Thank U

  279. Hi Apurva,

    I am all set to go to LEH via Road with family in month of June, If you are fine then we can go together. I can take my SUV and you can drive your own. Let me know if you are fine then we can discuss further..

  280. Hi,
    I am planning in May to drive my Maruti Esteem from Mumbai to Delhi, Delhi to Manali, Manali to Leh and back with my family. Please suggest if it is suitable time and Esteem will make it ??? hmm I think YES but still need suggestions and if anyone wants to join let me know I will leave Mumbai on the 2nd May early morning.

  281. Hi,
    I am also planing for a trip to Leh Ladkah for 12 to 13 Days covering most of the important destination .
    We are 3 of us planing for the trip.
    My preferred month of travel is end of June or any time in July. Meeting point will be in Chandighar.

    Hoping for your mail , if any one interested to join let me know ,contact me on johnsonjohn1973@gmail.com

  282. Hi Mithilesh,

    I am also planning to GO to Leh with my family (My wife & two boys 10 yr & 5 yr) in month of June. I have my own Etios Liva (Diesel), Please do let me know is it ok for Leh trip?
    I can also join you if Interested.

  283. we are planning to go to leh via road. we are 2 rite now n look for some more companions. plz do contact if anyone interested in joining us for a lifetime experience.:)

  284. Hi Mithlesh

    Me and my family were planning for a self drive trip to Leh in this month but can look at rescheduling our plans to team up with you and your family.

    Do let know your dates and we could try to align our plans if it works for you.

    do drop me a mail on pavan.sachdeva@gmail.com



  285. Dear All
    Let me first congratulate Ajay Jain for such a vivid and engrossing account which I am sure is going to help all other travel enthusiasts .
    Just wanted to know if I can take my Ford Figo Diesel to Leh. I am planning to start in First week of May 2014 from Delhi .
    I want to travel on a budget and hence want to drive my own small car – Fird Figo Titanium which has ABS and disk brakes . Would be great if someone can advice . Thanks and regards Santosh

  286. Hi Mithlesh,

    I am planning for Chd- Leh with family and friends towards end of June. and Looking for hiring a self drive SUV. Any pointers from where can I get it?

    Also, let me know if you too are travelling the same time… We can go together.


  287. Dear Mithlesh,

    I would like to join with you in the month of June’14 for same. please update me accordingly.


  288. Hi Mithlesh

    Such a wonderful and valuable information what you share. This year I am planning to go Leh with my own Scorpio (with my family). plz let me know if we can go together.

  289. hi guys
    am plan to trip leh ladakh from delhi first time with aprx 15 persons by self drive from 7th june to 19th june, if any one interested please contact on my mail or cell no as below..
    atul6845@yahoo.co.in / 9810865506

  290. i ,my wife and 6 year old son(delhi residents) are planning to visit Leh in our WagonR in the 1st week of october 2014.my mobile no is 9811726842.if anyone with family is planning to visit leh during that time in his car,we can be their travel mates.

  291. Hello everyone!

    We are a group of passionate bikers from Dibrugarh, Assam and completed number of challenging rides formerly. We are planning for a bike-ride from our hometown to Leh-Ladakh which would be nevertheless then 8000km’s(both way). It would be a challenging one for me and my team definitely.

    I would like to ask all you experts to kindly tell me the way that we can ride from Delhi to Leh-Ladakh along with the time period. Also, do tell the best time to ride the heights of Leh-Ladakh.

    We also wish to ride the Khardung-la pass.

    We are ready for every possible challenges and adventure on our way.


  292. Hi
    Dear frnds
    Me and my frnd r going to laddakh waya manali if any one join me cont.me through mail
    Notice.:we r going through bike

  293. Hi,

    We are 4-5 ppl doing a road trip from Chd-Srinagar-leh-Manali-Chd starting in early 2nd week of june and will be back by end of 3rd week. If anyone is planning around the same time, we can exchange our numbers and probably drive together. It could be more fun as well as help to each other.

  294. Hi Mitlesh, me and my girlfriend are interested togo to Leh in the month of June. We can tag along with you guys… please call on 8373900898 to discuss further. Regards,Sid



  297. We are leaving delhi on 7th june for leh and our trip will be del – jammu – srinagar- kargil- leh- manali-delhi. If anyone is interested in joining us on the way, can contact us.

  298. Hi Ranjan,

    Looks like our dates and travel route match quite a lot except that we’ll be starting from Chandigarh on 7th. Please share your contact details or reach me ASAP at itsumang@gmail.com so we can discuss further and collaborate. :-)

    Also if anyone else too is travelling at this time please feel free to reach out but soon as the dates are not far away.

    Looking forward to an exciting lifetime trip! :-)


  299. Hi guys. Me n my hubby have plannedfor a trip to ladakh from june 4 to around 14th. We ll b going by road in our maruti 800. Anyone going during dis time period can contact us at my no. 09803031015

  300. Hi guys.
    We are 2 boys on two motorbikes leaving on 15th june from Chandigarh for 10 to 12 days. It would be great to have more company. If you are outgoing are would like to discuss traveling together please call 8198986585

  301. Hi guys..
    Me and my wife are planning to go to leh from delhi this week by our own car grand i10. if any family is interested to join us can contact on my mobile number. 08447393236.contact asap.

  302. I have fixed date 18 July 2014 to leave for Manali will stay at Jispa, Leh, Pangong, Khardong-La, Alchi, Kargil, Drass Valley, Srinagar, Shopian, Rajouri( Mughal road ) Jammu , back to Delhi on 4 August , we are four in a Scorpio self driven , any one want to join us with or without vehicle is welcome .


  304. We will move from delhi on 17th july 2014 we are only four person yet so anybody can join us or we can join you so anyone planing to go leh ladakh by bike then plz contact us 09854084574

  305. Hii… we 2 people are planning for road trip delhi-leh by our own swift car in this july ,
    If anyone intrested in accompany then contact


  306. hi subodh if ur going to leh in ur swift car it will be challenge for u as a driver. if its a first trip to leh . i went on 12th june in my i10 car it was a excellent………tour .if u need any tips pls let me know. my no. 8800213489.delhi

  307. Hey avneet…is i10 fine to go to ladakh n pangong lake….many people have told us not to go by i10….please let me knw as soon as possible coz we will b going on 21 july

  308. Hi Dixa n others,

    I’ve just been to Leh in June for 15 days. If you plan to go to Nubra and take Manali-Leh route, think twice before taking a small car like i10 etc. I’ve seen a lot of cars getting stuck. Better enjoy the trip in Innova or similar with higher ground clearance though 4*4 is not really necessary unless you want to do much offroading.

    All the best n njoy!

  309. Hi,

    My husband and I are planning to do a road trip to leh ladakh in 4th week of July. We want to take delhi-manali-leh-kargil-srinagar-delhi route. We plan to start on 20th morning from Delhi and reach back Delhi by 29th afternoon. We are looking for partners for this trip as it would be more enjoyable with a group. Details can be discussed later.If anybody has plans to travel on same dates kindly post a comment. We can discuss it further by sharing our contact numbers. FYI, we are from Bangalore.

  310. Want to travel from delhi. Ncr in my own suv today on 20 July we re a couple wwithout kids any one couple only can contact

  311. Hello, We are 3people leaving to leh on July 30th on Innova, and looking for 1 or 2 peoples any body interested pls call on below nums

  312. he guys I and my 5 to 6 friends are planning a road trip to leh from ambala via manali to leh…..in the second weak of june (2015). we are on bikes, any bikers interested may join us. my cell no is 08275200005…contact me so we can plan it out more properly and bang the roads.

  313. hi I’m planning for a road trip from Delhi to leh, probably in the third week of April, if anyone wana join us pls contact

  314. Hi Ajay – We are planning a road trip from Delhi to Leah via Manali on 1 Car and 1 R.E. Classic in this 10 Sep16, could you please guide us on followings-

    1- Do four wheelers require permission from SDM and Rohtang, and how easily do we get that.
    2- Should we carry our own tents from Delhi or it can be taken on rent in Shimla or Leah.

    3- Do we require mask cover while ridding bike in September.

    4- How will be the option to spend a night at Pangong lake

  315. hi Ajay. planning to travel from delhi to leh in mid of may 2017 in my ford ecosport. where are is it recomended to halt enroute..? i plan to go not via manali



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