kunzum-100journeys-logo-1200-HOne life. 100 Great Journeys.

Ajay Jain is on a quest – to experience the best of travel on this planet. The target is to discover 100 great journeys by December 2020. To be shared with his readers below – for them to get inspired to follow his footsteps, or to chart their own course.

Why great, and not the greatest? Because you cannot rank journeys – everyone has a different idea of what makes for a memorable journey.

Follow Ajay on Facebook and Instagram @kunzum – all posts are marked with #100GreatJourneys and #WhereisAJ. Got a query? Write to Ajay at ajay@ajayjain.com – a delayed response means he is lost in some exotic location.


Click on any of the following posts to read about great journeys already undertaken. The site is still work-in-progress, but expect to see more in the coming days.